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The Essentials Of Product Launch Training

May 18, 2008
It is an essential process for any business to conduct product launch training to ensure that nothing goes haywire once the product goes live on the market. Involvement should be heavy on key personnel that will have direct engagement in the product from sales to marketing and down to customer service level. The success of a product launch borders heavily on planning and adequate training of employees who will have participation on the said merchandise.

It is imperative that all elements that will directly or indirectly affect the consumer perspective be integrated to guarantee a smooth operation once it has been released. This prevents any possible defect that may arise. Every department must have ownership of every single process that involves it. This way, there is accountability in every aspect of the task. There should be an owner and driver for every specific department. This involves quality, marketing and advertising, training, and sales. The convergence of the different departments aligns everyone's departmental and personal goals to the organizational objectives. All these departments should drive on a single focus and should target a single purpose: total customer satisfaction.

What used to be an effective training methodology may not be at all applicable to the new product. For every new merchandise item, the training should be tailor-fit to the product specifications. All employees must know the ins and outs of the product and get to know it like the back of their hands. But it does not end there. The training should also be focused on other essential matters that may affect sales and marketing. Front liners should be able to help out customers regarding their inquiries, should there be any problems that arise.

For outsourced product launch training, it is essential that the business process outsourcing company keeps in touch with the client all the time. There has to be availability of resources should there be a shortage. The approach with a new launch should be strategically planned. This should include not only the training manuals but also the training key performance indicators, which are measurable units in terms of performance, attendance, participation, team work, etc.

Industrial materials should also be heavily put into perspective. A new product necessitates a study that shows its feasibility. A certain type of material may be abundant and yet this type of material may not be durable and will only disparage the new merchandise. A new product needs to guarantee the target market that it is revolutionary of its kind in terms of materials used. Raw materials will always translate to quality; and a product's quality, in turn, will be interpreted into sales in correlation with customer satisfaction.

For new products, one should never forget to include advertisement and its marketing. A launch strategy includes the over-all presentation of the new merchandise and its packaging. The day of the actual launch should include what possible deterrent competitors may do.

To sum up, all key factors must be addressed if there is a new product that will be released. One should not be focused solely on product knowledge of employees but also include or involve other groups of individuals that will impact service delivery. This should all happen during the product launch training.
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