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Tips Optimizing The Content Of Your Website

May 18, 2008
A lot of people make a website in order to boost the performance of their business. And usually, when they realize that their goals haven't been reached and that their webpage hardly made any difference, they get disappointed and are left to wonder why the internet didn't work for them as it did with other people. Well, the answer usually lies in the content of the webpage.

Importance of Good Content

A lot of business owners disregard the importance of content and mistakenly think that having a place in the web is enough to boost their sales. Well, it's not. For a webpage to be effective, it must garner a lot of visitors. Some of the more successful sites garner thousands of hits per day. The most successful ones can even reach millions a day.

The real ticket to a major success is content. For people to visit your site, there must be something in it that's worth visiting. If they're looking for information about ice cream, they're usually expecting some quality stuff. They're not looking for a bunched up essay that's crammed full of incoherent mumblings that any exceptionally eloquent five year old can cough up. They're looking for stuff that professionals write. If your webpage cannot provide it, then visiting it is out of the question.

The most that people can give you is a click followed by a derogatory snort as they click the back button to exit your site.

How to Optimize the Content

Well, for one thing, the content of your website must contain several keywords. For example, if your site is about dating, then your articles must contain the words that are highly related to dating such as date, love, and romance. Of course, these keywords must be nicely integrated into the article.

Also, the content in your websites must be related to the meta tags. Sure, the words Paris Hilton are quite popular. But if people click on your link which says Paris and get redirected to your site about ice cream instead, they'll be pissed and rather intent on leaving your site as soon as possible.

Also, an important thing to remember is that people are lazy. They're also impatient. A good 90% of the people who are looking for something in your webpage will simply skim the whole thing. If your articles are composed of long single paragraphs, then they'll forgo the thing altogether and proceed to a more organized site. But if it has titles, subtitles, abstracts, summaries, and bullets, then the people will be more willing to sift through your site.
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