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How To Market Affiliate Programs Using Bum Marketing

May 18, 2008
BUM article marketing is just one of the many article marketing techniques that are available to affiliates and other online users. Once you have your money making affiliate website created, you will want to create fresh articles or have them written for you.

Once this is completed, simply search for the topic article directories and submit your new articles to each of these websites. The articles should always be on topic to the subject of the affiliate program you are working with. This brings in targeted traffic once the search engines have found your articles, links and website.

There are a few steps involved with affiliate programs and BUM article marketing that you should go through to get the results you are seeking. The first step should begin with your niche and website or blog. Search affiliate sites for products you know well, have used in the past and have a good relationship with. Advertising something that you have never used can become tricky if your visitors do not like the products that they purchased based on your good word.

Once you have found the product or products that you would like to market, you should go to blogger or Google pages to get a free website setup. Depending on how serious you are about this business, you can also get a web host and domain name very cheaply to make your website even more professional.

Search the internet for good keyword tool programs and websites. These tools will help you find profitable keywords that you can use on your website and in articles. Always try to use the least popular keywords and long tail keywords as they will help you to find even more targeted traffic than before. Going after top keywords can be tricky as millions of websites will already be fighting over them. Taking the least popular ones will mean less competition.

Once the keywords are found, you should begin to create your website around them. To do this you can simply write about specific aspects of the products in your niche. Creating reviews is also a great way to maximize your website with fresh content. Internet users love searching for reviews to see what others think about a specific product that they are thinking about buying.

The next step will be the writing of articles that will also include the long tail keywords that you have previously acquired. If you will be paying someone to write these articles, be sure to include the specific keywords and phrases that you would like them to use. Once your articles are complete, you should begin with article submission to top article directories.

To really get into the process of BUM articles and affiliate programs, some will skip over the website step and simply submit articles to directories while they place their affiliate links in the bio sections. This offers an even quicker way to get affiliate commissions without having to create your own website. A website should still be used as it can help you create a list of potential buyers.
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