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How to Find the Highest Paying Paid Survey Sites

May 18, 2008
A paid survey takes somewhere between five minutes and up to 45 minutes to complete. For your time and effort, you can expect to make anywhere from $2 to $20 in cash. Some sites do not offer cash at all. Instead, they give incentives through sweepstakes and points/tokens that you can convert to cash or prizes when you accumulate enough of them. How do you find the highest paying paid survey sites? Here's how.

A Smart Consumer

You have to proactively look through the thousands of Web sites that offer to pay you for filling out surveys if you want to earn the most money on each survey you complete. Some companies will lure you in with promises of making money, when in reality you only get money after filling out lots of surveys and earning points or tokens that will someday be enough to be converted to cash. You might not want to waste your time filling out 50 surveys to find out that your points/tokens accrued will award you $10 to $20.

Paid Survey Directories

A good avenue for those who are serious about finding the top paying sites is to sign up with a paid survey directory. There, you will get a list of all the paid survey sites and what their incentive is to have you join their team. It takes time to sift through the many sites, but it is better than trying to find paid survey sites on your own through multiple Internet searches.

Joining in Droves

Another thing you will want to consider is joining as many of the paid survey sites that you possibly can. The reason is threefold:

1. You may apply to some places that are not taking on any new people, or your profile may not meet a site's criteria. When you fill out applications to join multiple sites, you always have backups.

2. Sometimes surveys can come quite sporadically, and you do not have the option to choose how many you are willing to complete in a day or week. You just get them when they go out, which can be days or weeks apart. By having joined many sites, your chances are better that you will get surveys on a more consistent basis.

3. While you can make real money that you can take to the bank with many top-paying sites, you will not make an earth-shattering income with just one or two sites. The more sites you join, the more money you will make.

Doing Your Own Research

The process of doing your own research to find top-paying paid survey sites can be tedious, but it is worth a try if you are really want to do paid surveys. Since just about every big company uses paid surveys as a way to get consumer opinions, you could contact the companies that you are interested in completing surveys for and ask what panel they use for their surveys. Some places will not give you this type of information, while others will be happy to direct you to the site they use. Once at these sites, you can apply to join the team and you know you will get surveys about things that interest you the most.

There are plenty of sites that will pay you top dollar to complete surveys. It takes some research and determination to find them in the sea of thousands of paid survey sites, but the rewards can be nice.
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Greg Shuey is an expert when it comes to finding Paid Survey opportunities. Greg has compiled a directory of paid survey companies like Greenfield Online and Inbox Dollars. Visit Survey Inferno today to get started making money online with paid surveys.
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