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Email Marketing - A Way To Make More Affiliate Profit

May 18, 2008
Most affiliate marketers will know that email marketing is probably one of the best way to promote affiliate products. However, you have to build your opt-in list before you can enjoy the profit from email marketing. Here are some tips for your email marketing campaigns.

First of all, you may wonder how you can successfully build a list. In fact, most marketers will try to give away free stuffs in order to attract visitors to subscribe. One of the ways are giving away free newsletter and free-ebooks.

As you may know, you can use HTML tags when you are composing an email. However, when you are composing your emails to the subscribers, you should include a plain text version as well. This is mainly because HTML may not be correctly displayed if the email clients do not render HTML.

You can use an autoreponder to send messages. In fact, it is quite necessary for you to do so. It will help to save your time. And you should spend your time on creating more profit rather than sending the emails one by one yourself.

You may also want to check if your email will be block by spam filter. It is very true that there are too many spam emails these days and all of us would like to get rid of these spam emails. You may set up a spam filter in this case. In fact, your ISP may also try to set up one. As a result, your emails will just be block if you do not check it beforehand. As a matter of fact, some autoresponders can help you to take care of this if there are built in spam filter checkers.

Now it comes to the actual message of the email. In fact, it can be just the same as your affiliate web site, you will try to pre-sell your subscribers. Of course some rules for your affiliate site also apply here. For example, you should not sell the subscribers since it will result in double selling. This will certainly lower your chance of conversions.

Lastly, you should also include your signature file in each of the email you send. In your signature, you will probably include your name and url of your site. This will help to remind your subscribers to check your site from time to time.

Bear the above in mind will certainly help you to create more affiliate revenue.
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