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Using Video To Increase Your Site Traffic

May 18, 2008
About one year ago I started posting videos in my MySpace account to show my customers the construction progress on a project. The most amazing thing happened. I noticed people other than my customers were viewing my video entries. Customers were searching for videos and finding what I was posting online.

You can use video to drive traffic to your website by posting good homemade videos to MySpace, YouTube, daily motion, etc. Many of these sites will allow you to put your url in the description which will allow viewers to click through to your site after they see your video.

Currently there are about 30 different sites that allow video submission. Many blog sites like Xanga and Blogger also accept embedded video into blogs. You can make a podcast from the audio track from a video to post to podcast and bookmarking sites. Posting to all these sites can be very time consuming however. I like to open 4-5 windows and start posting my videos to several sites at one time. Then I turn off the lights and go home for the day. When I arrive the next day to work, I cut and paste my video information and I am done. Do this over a week and you will you video posted to 30 sites effortlessly.

There are also site submission services that will handle this task for you and submit to all the sites in one shot. They work by uploading your video to them, filling in their form information and hitting submits. They submission site does all the rest. You can even save your submission as a template for future use. This is great is your targeting the same group of keywords over and over. I am currently using a submission service and I am pretty happy with the service. I like to do about 5 submissions a week.

Posting Videos online are a great way to target long tail key words. The reason they have to be long Tail is because the authority of the video site is usually higher than the authority of the long tail keyword found on some secondary page of competitors?website. Your video can quickly be listed within the top ten spots of Google for your long tail keyword. This trick will allow you to start making money right away if you are promoting an affiliate site or some other site you are trying to drive traffic to.

Another good way to drive additional traffic to your site is to include your URL in the bottom one third of the video. You can add a title and URL easily to your short video using Windows movie maker or Camtasia Studio 5. This is also a great way to brand your website. Try to keep the url short by using a service to shorten the url is needed. I like to keep my url under 20 characters.

After posting several videos for your keywords you will notice you will start to dominate several spots on the second and third page of Google. Sometimes you can even get on the first page. Google will sometimes make a small thumbnail of your video and list it in the keyword listings. This is really great and what I am always trying to get to happen for my keywords. You may have to submit several times to get this to happen however.

Videos are a lot like articles in the fact they offer free content. Search engines love good quality free content. You should treat your videos like articles and post them often and too many video sites. Just like good written articles, well thought-out and informative videos will drive traffic to your site. Your videos don't have to be filmed with expensive cameras and high paid actors to be successful. A short, information filled video with facts can be just as impactful. Try adding video to your online marketing efforts today.
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