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The Key Connection - How Well Do You Know Your Affiliate Product?

May 18, 2008
Do you know very little about the product you're promoting on your website? Does this product only exist to you as a vague banner? Do you hope it has enough of a heartbeat to send dollars your way on its own?
Then you're not doing enough to make your affiliate relationship a beneficial one. When you promote something ensure you talk about it intelligently. If you walk into a jeweler to buy a watch and ask the store owner about one, you expect them to be able to tell you its features. If they stare at you, shrug, and say "I don't really know anything about it, I just get 'em in and display 'em." Would you buy that watch? Of course not. You're already headed out the door.

Visitors to your site do the same thing. It's up to you to prevent them from doing that. You've heard the saying "If you don't use it, you'll lose it". If you don't use the product you're promoting, or at least attempt to learn how others use it, you'll lose affiliate commissions. Using a product gives you first hand knowledge; enabling you to write effective copy to promote the product.

Okay, okay, you're promoting lots of different products. You can't possibly afford to buy and try every one of them. Fair enough! You can, however, ask around and find out information from people who are using the product. Talk to them. Ask them about the good and bad features of the product. It's a worthwhile exercise. Summarize all that knowledge into effective information content for your site.

Another benefit of talking to users about the product is in gaining testimonials. A chit-chat with someone who raves about the product is half the work done for this project. Just write down what they're saying, edit it, ask their permission to use their name and get it online. There's no creative brainstorming needed. Listen to them and write!

Do you know anyone who's an 'in the limelight' kind of person and using one of your affiliate products? Why not talk them up and get an endorsement from them. Someone others admire and respect add value to a product that they endorse for you.

If you write your own ads and informative content ensure you can back up your claims about the product. Customers hate nothing more than reading grandiose statements that prove unfounded when they try a product. It's the "Where's the beef" factor. If you promise it, it better be there. As an affiliate marketer, you are the platform for the product and your websites integrity rests on you making factual claims about it.

Read reports to gain more knowledge of the products you're featuring on your site. Read different reviews to give you a well-rounded take on a product. You'll read something you never knew or really understood about it. That information turns into an excellent selling point.

The key in all this is connecting with your product; knowing it inside out. This way, you target your efforts for promoting it. Write about its benefits and advantages over similar products. Highlight attractive features or various uses of the product. Give your visitors lots of information to make an informed decision about your affiliate product.

They will view your website as a trustworthy one. They'll rely on it and come back for more. They will drive your affiliate income higher.
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