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The Easy Way To Sell Yourself

May 18, 2008
Think about the last time you purchased something for your business. Many purchases are commodities these days in that you can get the same thing or a similar thing almost anywhere. So why did you buy where you did?

The chances are that it's because you started to like and trust the person who was doing the selling. It's a fact, people buy people and this is why business relationships and referral recommendations are so important for your business.

Your key to success is to be able to sell yourself in a positive way and let's face it, selling doesn't come naturally to everybody (me included), so it's important to take time and consider how you can develop that certain je ne sais quoi that make you stand out from the crowd.

Selling yourself is not about being quick witted, foot in the door and pressuring to close, it's about being you and being genuine. Consider the four business networking tips below and you too can stand out from the crowd.

First of all be the genuine article and don't put on an act. After a while you'll find it difficult to keep up the act and just like a lie, one lie leads to another. As you go forward you become increasingly more of a fake and people start to see through you.

If you're seen as a fake then how can you expect anyone to trust you? Like me, you may think that you're not the most charismatic person in the world but if you take time to discover your passions then it's all change.

Think back to when you met someone or listened to someone who was truly passionate about what they do. These people are the most convincing and most importantly their passion is infectious and will sweep you along too. Remember, you can't fake passion.

To discover your passions, take some time out to remember how your felt when you last got a real buzz from your business. It's now time to take that feeling and bottle it.

When you're next talking about your business, open the bottle on that situation that gave you the buzz and you will be unstoppable. Not only will you be talking passionately about your business but you'll also be feeling good too!

Now that you're on a high, think about how you can help others. Not only will this take you to a level of satisfaction that you maybe have never achieved before but most importantly you will be remembered! People will start to sell you your business, without any more effort from yourself. This is one of the most simple yet effective business networking techniques you can learn.

Finally, take responsibility for your actions and don't expect it to happen overnight. All good things take time so just because you don't see the results immediately don't get disheartened and don't blame others.

It is down to you, no one else. Accept it, and look at how you can improve and start again. Every time you work at it you will get better and better and so it's back to the old story - it's better to be the tortoise and not the hare.
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Louise Yates shares business networking tips and business networking advice for generating referrals and operates UK groups for business networking Lancashire .
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