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How to Make Great Landing Pages

May 18, 2008
If you have ever tried to make great landing pages to know that you need to test and retest your pages to make sure they convert. One of the best ways to make great landing pages is to look at what the internet marketers are doing online and follow them. Also women's magazines are a great place to look for what good copy writers write for good landing pages. Some women's magazines have the very best writers on staff so it's a great place to look for ideas when you go to write headlines. A smashing heading and some good copy and you're on your way to making a great landing page that can convert your customers into buyers. Nothing is more frustrating than having a lot of web traffic visiting a site but getting very few leads or sign-ups. If you can put together a simple web page that customer will land on and fill it with some good pictures and have a good clean design you can make a great landing page.

Great colorful pictures and pretty borders and great at keeping a reader's attention on a landing page and you have either paid traffic of free traffic. You also want to keep you speech very simple so all readers can understand your copy. Landing pages are not a good place to impress your readers with your extensive vocabulary. You want to use simple words and simple sentence structure. Making your heading lines bold so reader can scan the page quickly you're your offer. Bullet points are a great way to list if you're trying to explain some benefits or features of your offer. They are easy to read and make your copy easy to scan. The close of your copy should invoke a deep interest from your reader to ask for additional information or collect an email address or newsletter sign-up.

My system to make a landing page is like this:
Bold Headline
Some eye catching copy
Bullet point of some benefits
Closing copy
Test conversions and make changes
Retest pages

Making landing pages can be fun when you put three or four up and start split testing eash one to see what works best. There are many great landing pages available online for free downloads.

I have personaly tested several several types of landing pages including landing pages with video content and I find a simple page with a hook or reason to sign up is best. Giving away a free e-book or web sire will usually be enought bait for the reader to leave their email addresss.

Using Google adwords with the conversion feature turned "on" is one of the quickest ways to test your landing pages and get real time stats. If you make two you can split test and this is always best. To make this work all you need to do is ad some java script to the bottom of the thank you page.
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