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How To Advertise Your Website in Advertising Directory

May 18, 2008
You cannot hide from it. Whether you are driving by a billboard, listening to the radio or flipping through the TV channels, every advertisement has to go online advertising creating broader coverage.

Even in a lean economy, the evolution of the Internet has business taking a new direction. Every company now need a website, even if they are not involved in internet business. But this new wave of marketing still takes some old school advertising.

Websites need more than good content. A comprehensive advertising campaign is the only way to make a website successful. You not only have to tempt potential customers to buy from you but you have to tempt them to buy from you now.

There are several key factors you must consider to accomplish this.

What benefits does the customer get from buying the product? Does your product or service make people smarter, faster, more attractive?

State the benefits. And again.

It is the benefits that will hook your customer. And that hook will have them grabbing their credit card. But if they do not know whats in it for them, they will be on your competitors Web site faster than you can clear your cache files.

Keep your site updated. And give them a reason to come back. Maybe weekly specials, new articles or post a newsletter. Make your site an invaluable resource. Giving people incentives to come back to your site can still generate sales even if the customer was not in the buying mood.

Do you have testimonials from your customers?

Testimonials prove your products worth as well as establish your company credibility.

If you do not have testimonials, one way to get them is by donating your product or service to a few qualified customers. Let them know that you are giving them the product to try for a certain amount of time in exchange for their comments at the end of the trial period.

Make your Web page as easy to read as possible. Grab customers with powerful headlines.

The headlines gently ease customers to read further into your sales message without the tact of a used car salesman trying to unload a few lemons.

Headlines also break up the flow of copy, making your web page easy on the eyes something your customers will appreciate.

How many web sites have you visited with grammatical errors or words misspelled? It looks unprofessional and makes would be customers wonder about the professionalism of your company.

Proofread your web page copy. Then have a few more people proofread it.

The writing needs to jump off the page. Fresh. Crisp. A poorly written web page is worse than not having a web page at all.

Following these tips will make your website informative and profitable. If you are too busy you may want to engage a professional freelance copywriter.

Once you have your website up, it will complement all the marketing efforts you have put in. These include:

1. 4 important rules like Products quality, Place, Pricing and Packaging.
2. Marketing research
3. Marketing budget
4. Advertising budget
5. Unique Selling Proposition or USP
6. Logistics
7. Advertising media
8. Online advertising budgets including Malaysian advertising directories
9. Getting professionals to write good advertising copies

Take you time to prepare your website. Make sure you have a checklist. Some of our customers have checklists which include things like:

1. Look and feel of the website, particularly the homepage.
2. Color theme of the website.
3. Size and location of the company logo.
4. Make sure columns are arranged neatly and systematically.
5. E-commerce features and online payment systems.
6. Selecting your favorite font to be used across the website.
7. Essential pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Profile, Products, Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Site Map, etc.

Once your website is done up properly make sure you choose your online advertising directories and place your listings there. Advertising in online advertising directories is very important because it complements your off line advertising efforts. Your customers who have seen or heard of your advertising campaign would want to buy from you. They will look for you in online advertising directories such as Online Yellow Pages.

Double check the links to ensure that your listings in the online advertising directories do link properly to your newly designed website.
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