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Guidelines on Search Engine Optimization

May 19, 2008
SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a very big part in the advertising of products and services offered by internet marketing campaigns. Through search engines, marketers can advertise their businesses and get more hits and website visits. Their success is determined by their rank in the dominating search engines in the World Wide Web.

The first thing you should do in SEO is also the biggest mistake others commit. You should choose the right keywords for your website. The best keywords are not what you personally know about your business. The best way you could find the most appropriate keywords for your site is by using the Wordtracker. This site provides you with the exact keywords searchers use on search engines which are appropriate to your website. These searchers are your potential customers. Through using the right keywords you can get high rankings on the search engines.

Another thing you should do is the isolation keyword method. Most people try to cram as many keywords into a webpage as possible. Most SEO experts would suggest a maximum of only 15 keywords in a page. This approach is quite old. It works but it takes much longer for you to rise in the rankings. What you should do is create a list of as many keyword phrases as possible. And a single page should be created for each phrase. For example, your keyword is Advantages of SEO, the page you will create must be only for this keyword. You wouldn't have to pick only one keyword phrase for you website. Instead, you will make individual pages for the keyword phrases you chose.

The next thing to do is building the structure of each page. Each page should start off with its corresponding keyword phrase as its heading. The first paragraph should include your keyword phrase and should also contain your Meta description. The next paragraph should have a bold subtitle of you keyword phrase. And finally, the last paragraph of the page should again include your keyword phrase as most search engines read it.

Interlinking your pages together is a must. The link from one page of your website to another is very important. When creating these links, you should be sure that the link is the keyword phrase of the page it is linked to. This will help the user view the other pages of your site easier. Making the title of the link the exact keyword phrase you used for the page will make it easier for the user to know what the page he/she will access contains.

There are many things you shouldn't do on SEO. Don't put your websites name in your Meta title. Search engines will list you without your site's name. Don't hold back on text. Each page should contain at least 250 words. Stick to one subject per page as this may confuse your readers. Spiders have a hard time reading your url's if you put database parameters on them. Stay away from flash pretty much for the same reason. Don't use frames, don't ask why. And finally always keep your html code streamlined so that search engines won't have a hard time reading them.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will see your ranking dramatically improve. And through these guidelines you can avoid the common mistakes others do on SEO.
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