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How to Make an Extra $1,000.000 Using a Business Coach

Aug 17, 2007
An extra million dollars sound nice, right? Or does it sound like a bit of a gimmick? Well, it's very nice to feel the sense of accomplishment when you achieve that goal, and this is no gimmick! Many business leaders reach that goal, and even surpass it. It's easy in theory, but the reality of achieving that $1 million goal is a different game all together. Let us look at how the truly successful got there, so you can model your business on their success and do the same thing for yourself. After all, if they did it, you can, too there's no need to reinvent the wheel, right?

To make an extra million, all you have to do is find a way to offer that much more value to your customers. Business visionaries are great at seeking out opportunities that lots of people are willing to pay for. Donald Trump, for instance, figured out how to sell high priced real estate to the super-wealthy. There are other builders as smart and as talented as the Donald, but he's able to charge top dollar because the wealthy know what they're getting when they buy a Trump property. Oprah Winfrey figured out how to add value when she started her magazine, "O." People love watching Oprah on television, but her show's only on for one hour a day now, by buying her magazine, viewers can read up on the same topics that Oprah discusses on her show; the magazine offers value to people who want the read about the shows topics in even more detail. Do you think that Oprah found that there was more than a million dollars in value in starting her magazine?

So you're not Trump or an Oprah, but you can still apply these same principles to your own business. If you're a cosmetic dentist, maybe you can add a line of new products in your practice. A cosmetic dentist might consider even starting a joint venture with a personal trainer to give total body makeovers! A small hotel could offer free wireless Internet service to all of its guests, thus attracting more business travelers. Top-performing real estate agents know how important it is to offer value to their clients imagine in a real estate agent worked with local private schools, helping their clients make the connections they need to enroll their own children. By developing a reputation as an agent who goes the extra mile for upscale, family-oriented clients, that agent will attract more rich families moving to the same area.

One thing to keep in mind is whether your business is large enough to offer that much value. Business coaches are a great resource for advice on value-added growth, but they usually only work with established executives. Can you figure out how to offer your customers more value? Sure, you can with the help of your business coach. Good luck with offering your customers more value!
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