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Hosting Services: What Do I Need To Know?

May 19, 2008
Everyone eventually realizes that they will require their very own domain name if they are get ahead in the game.

That said who you find provide you with hosting services will make all the difference as will the level of service and support you received.To find a web hosting service is easy you simply search Google and you will see pages of providers.

Selecting the right provider though is as entirely as simple. There are many hosting services which will simply provide you some bandwidth to host your site and provide little or zero support, and quite possibly neither the capability to add programs and support that you will require as you grow.

You have to protect yourself against the substandard hosting providers who can not provide you with the kind of service that is required, whether because they can't be bothered or through sheer lack of know ho.

There are various problems that you need to watch out for specifically problems including domain names that are not transferrable, large exit fees, unreliable servers which crash regularly, support that don't support or respond and lastly an unstable company that could cease trading at any time.

The key points to look our for are the following:
a)Price-Ensure renewal prices are on par with initial subscription prices;
b)Ownership-Ensure that that the domain name is in your name and not the hosting companys;
c)DNS Transfer-Ensure you can update the DNS details so you can transfer the hosting to another provider in the future if required;
d)Full Transfer-Ensure you have the ability to transfer the entire domain to another registrar if required; e)Email Accounts-Ensure you have a sufficient number of email mailbox and forwarding accounts without low limits;
f)POP3 and SMTP and IMAP and WEBMAIL-Make sure you have access to all of these. Even if you don't need them now right away;
g) Supported Languages-Ensure the hosting environment is fit for your purpose. Windows hosting is different from Linux/Unix hosting;
h)Databases-Ensure you have access to unlimited databases even if you might not need them initially; i)Bandwidth Allocation-Most personal sites only need 1gb of bandwidth and medium sized sites will use no more than 5gb -so you do not need anymore.

Keep the above pointers in mind and you won't got far wrong.Ensure you take your time and make the right choice as rushing into this can cost you dearly down the line. That said using the checklist should hold you in good stead.
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