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How To Pep Up The Dullest Exhibition

May 19, 2008
There are many things an exhibition stand contractor needs to take into consideration. The product the client is wishing to display has to be considered first and foremost. After all, a diving suit will require infinitely different concerns to a new, state-of-the-art car and an indoor exhibition will need slightly different considerations to an outdoor.

An exhibition stand contractor will have to take into consideration the access to a stand, particularly if it is going to be outside. If the weather is debatable, and that covers everyday in Britain, then he will need to make allowances for if the stand was to get wet. It should not be allowed to become slippery and dangerous.

One exhibition stand contractor built a fantastic pristine white plastic stand outdoors to display a new range of garden furniture. Of course on the day, in traditional British fashion, the heavens opened for a total of two hours at the beginning of the show. Water and mud abounded all over the stand.

It was just after lunch that the rather rotund, middle aged man slipped on the surface of the exhibition stand, breaking his leg in the fall. This cost the company a lot of money in compensation and they determined never again to use the same exhibition stand contractor because he hadn't taken account of this possibility.

Another idea that these contractors may wish to take into account is the thunder storms. It was reported last year that an exhibition stand contractor was killed whilst erecting a rather elaborate creation to display Christmas trees.

Despite initial reports that a fight ensued over the tallest Christmas tree, it turns out that there was a stand malfunction in the particular displayer's attempts to have the biggest and best stand and his elaborate design was by far the tallest creation around. This led to a freak bolt of lightning hitting the stand, electrocuting the contractor while he worked.
The life of an exhibition stand contractor is not as easy as it may first appear. It's not a matter of dragging out the same old stands year on year for all different types of show. Trade shows and exhibitions cover such diverse subjects and pigs and poultry, interior design and the boat show. What would be good for one would be totally inadequate for another and if there's one thing these contractors cannot bear it's the thought that they may be inadequate.

Everybody knows there are a plethora of toy and gift fairs from November up until Christmas and that every year there will be several Ideal Home shows to wander around. But did you know there is also a stamp exhibition hosted every year? Granted, you wouldn't need a huge, elaborate stand for this but then it comes down to the designers to create something eye-catching that will draw attention to the product.

There are many shows that come with obvious themes and certain things you would expect to see. A wedding exhibition would, of course, be full of floaty material and pastel colours but you wouldn't expect to see this at a military fair. All well and good and making it easier for the exhibition stand contractor but what to do with the caravan and motor home show to make it look more interesting?

This is where they rely quite heavily on the graphics and good lighting. To make what some see as a boring subject look more interesting is always going to be more difficult than simplifying the busy stand.
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Display expert Catherine Harvey looks at the work of an exhibition stand contractor in his varied field.
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