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May 19, 2008
When thinking about that article you are going to write for wide distribution, remember that quality content is king. People are constantly looking for answers to their questions. They seek these answers from different sources. Readers of your articles do not want fluff, they want articles of substance that give useful information.

When you sit down to write an article put yourself into a typical reader's shoes. If you were they, what would you want this specific article to provide you? Jot down four or five questions about an issue, product, or service that you would have. Think through the questions and begin to formulate detailed answers to each one of them. These answers are the meat of your article.

Your article is not a sales letter; it's not a light piece that circles around a subject like a boxer afraid to throw a punch. Your article goes headlong into the ring and dukes out a solution, or at least keeps the reader in a clinch long enough to give them information to find their own solutions.

It's imperative that you approach a subject and write about it with the intent of coming across as a trusted source of information. That's why your article must be a reservoir of facts, figures, data, advice, anecdotes, statistics, and whatever else imparts useful knowledge to a reader.

When a reader finishes reading your article, you want them satisfied that they understand a topic better. You want your article to inspire them to action. This action may be further investigation of a topic or product or service on your website. It may be they seek more information through links to other articles you have. When a reader feels you are a trusted expert in your field they will seek you out again. That's why your articles must convey to readers the sense that you know your subject matter in depth.

Articles you write must not tell readers something they already know. Your articles need to tell readers stuff they do not know. You want readers to see your articles as the pot at the end of the rainbow. Your article, rich with pertinent information, is their reward for performing a topic search. Your reader wants to reach into that pot and pull out as much treasure as they can and use it to make their life better. If they find great rewards in your article, you gain their trust. You are the source they will go to again because they know you will deliver for them.

Too many articles on the Internet deliver snippets of information without really getting into the details of a topic. When you write an article, don't be afraid to dissect a topic and really give relevant, timely information to your readers. Granted, a shorter article doesn't allow you to write a dissertation. However, you can pick one or two points and really explore them to offer readers quality information.

An article with useful information that a reader enjoys can be the starting point of a continuing relationship between you and the reader. One article can be the first in a series on your area of expertise that they will investigate. These articles build on one another and can point to your website where you offer them even more quality content. Soon you're their go-to source for vital information.

Remember, it's all about content that teaches, excites, inspires, and informs. Let every single person who reads the information you give them know you know what you're talking about. Be that reliable source that places you at the front of the pack of information providers. Your reputation and business depend on it.
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