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Make Sure Your Articles are Chock Full of Useful Information

May 19, 2008
No one wants the hard sell at any time, and especially when he or she is looking for information. Think of it, you walk onto a car lot to check out a new model you heard about. You're there to look the car over and see what features it has to offer. You want to learn, first-hand, if this car will meet your transportation needs. You don't want to step onto the car lot and have a salesperson pounce on you with a scripted story on why "Today's the day you need this car!"

It's the same when you present your articles to the public. People who come upon your articles don't want to read a sales pitch. Your readers want articles that provide them useful information. They want to know, after they're finished reading, that they are more knowledgeable about a topic, product or service. They don't want to feel like they're the victim of a sneak sales attack. If they do, they will never trust you to provide them with anything of use again.

Consider the car lot analogy again. If you walk onto a car lot seeking answers about that new model and do not feel like anyone's pressuring you to make a buying decision, you relax. You can leisurely look the car over, sit in it, and take it for a test drive. If a car lot salesperson provides you with a spec sheet and brochures, and answers all your questions without pushing for a sale, you trust them. If they assist you thoughtfully and then invite you to enquire later if you have more questions you feel better. You know they're letting you decide when the time is right for you to begin the purchase process. They are an information provider who will give you useful information to help you make a buying decision.

That's what you must do with your articles. Be an information provider that someone relies on for answers. Once you give a reader pertinent information they will see you as a knowledge source that they can trust. They will probably seek you out again. They will look for more articles written by you or they will link back to your website. The more quality information and data you give them, the more they see you as an expert in your field.

People rely on experts. At the very least, they rely on those well versed in a subject even if they are not experts with academic letters after their name. They base many of their actions on what knowledgeable people in a certain field recommend. If you're an internet marketer who specializes in a particular type off computer software, you need to talk intelligently about it.

People perform web searches looking for information about computer software all the time. They need to know what software programs will do for them. They want to read articles that say, "This product will do this for you and benefit you in this way." They don't want to read an article that says, "Buy me. Buy me now. Look here, I'm for sale!" People want information before they buy. Useful information presented as information and not advertising is a precursor to a buying-selling relationship.

Your articles are relationship-building tools. With your name attached to them, they are your persona before the public. When someone reads your article and takes away information that will help them fulfill a need in their life, you have begun to build trust. They see you as a person who knows what they're talking about regarding something important to them. They will consult with you, through your articles, websites, or whatever, before someone else next time. Knowing they can rely on information you provide means they don't have to waste time searching elsewhere. You strengthen your relationship with them every time you give them information they need.

Effective articles are ones that bring people back your way for more. Quality articles are chock full of useful information that establish you as a trustworthy source. Be that trustworthy source by giving readers of your articles something of value; something they can grab hold of and use in their life. They will come back to see you again and will be the lifeblood of your business.
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