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Are Earn Money Online Surveys for Real?

May 19, 2008
Though it may sound too good to be true, there really are paid surveys which can earn you good money without having to exert much effort. There are a wide number of reputable companies who are willing to pay you for your opinions as part of their market research. These earn money online surveys are definitely a legitimate way of making money online. But how exactly do you get started?

Getting started maybe just as easy as filling out the surveys. Starting out with online surveys can be done in as quick as three easy steps. You should bear in mind that you should never pay to take online surveys, all the more to receive information about how to take them. There are a number of scams around paid surveys so you need to be wary and use your common sense when choosing survey sites.

Here are the three simple steps you need to take to start earning money with online surveys:

1. The first step you need to take is to create a special email account where you will get online survey invites. Remember that once you sign up with paid survey sites, you will be bombarded with endless stream of survey recommendations, so it is best not to sign up with an email address you use for personal correspondence.

2. Sign up with an online survey site and confirm your email address. Once done, fill out your profile survey as accurately and completely as possible. Profile surveys are very important. Though they are unpaid, they are the critical in matching you with the proper surveys. Not only that, they also can increase your chances of getting higher paying online surveys.

3. After filling the sign up and completing your profile survey, you can start filling out online surveys pretty soon. Be patient though as it may take time for your invites to start rolling in. However, once they start, expect those online surveys to come in an endless stream.

Establish Your credibility as a survey taker

If you are starting out with online surveys, you will need to establish yourself slowly as a reliable survey taker. At first, you may only be rewarded with sweepstake entries for some surveys. Do not think twice about taking them as well as these are potentially helpful in building you a good track record with survey sites. Once survey sites notice how religious you are in taking the online surveys they send out, they will most likely give you more and more. Once you are getting more survey offers than you can handle, you can focus mainly on those
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