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Custom Labels In Chicago Illinois And The Competitive Market

May 19, 2008
The demand for custom labels in Chicago is continuing to grow with all the food processing and confectionery business centralized in the central US for easy transportation around the country. Chicago is also a hot bed for manufacturers, technology, health care, distribution and many other custom label consumers like cosmetic labels in Illinois.

Custom food labels and confectionery in Chicago have a high demand for quality, and for applicators that can affix the labels to the product without smashing the contents within like bread, snack products, and cookies. Many times these labels have custom colors for branding with a logo and an area for the food business or confectionery to print a date code or ingredients that will be variable text on each label. These can be accommodated in a thermal transfer or direct thermal label, depending on how long the product will be on the shelf in the supermarket or deli. These can also be made for scales where the variable weight and price will be printed onto the labels.

Manufacturers use custom labels for a number of reasons. The most common reason is to brand the product they are making. These are usually 4 color process labels with a UV coating that will prevent the label from fading over time. Manufactures also use custom labels to label parts and shelves in the tool cribs they use to maintain the manufacturing operation. These custom labels can also be used in the shipping process when the product is shipped into distribution. Many distributors require special barcodes to be placed on all products that are shipped to their centers. These manufacturers also use labels to mark racks in the finished goods area of the operation.

Another manufacturing application is custom UL labels. If the manufacturer is making an electronic consumer product then a UL label is required adding more custom requirements to this business sector. This also applies to the technology sector.

The technology sector in Chicago uses custom labels on circuit boards, computers for asset tracking, and special custom tamper evident labels that can show if a product has been tampered with. The circuit board labels are usually very small and some need to be produced for clean room environments. These labels require a strict and clean environment to make and seal the rolls of labels so they are air tight.

Within the health care industry in Chicago there are many sub groups and custom label applications from labeling test tubs to labeling patients wristbands to match the medications that are assigned to that particular patient. The health care industry also has their own distribution setups where custom labels are used to organize files, shelves and shipments.

The distribution industry includes transportation and consumes many labels but not all of these labels are custom. Many of these distributors use stock 4x6 labels to label shipments, but if they want to brand these with a custom logo, these custom labels can be made right here in Chicago. Rack labels, product labels, and shipping labels are very common in this business sector.

There are many other businesses in the Chicago area that need custom product labels including cosmetic labels in Illinois and all over the country. So, if you are a business in Chicago and need custom labels, you must realize the demand for custom labels is high. The capacity to meet that demand is even higher. Custom food labels, UL labels, Clean Room labels, tamper evident labels, custom 4 color labels and even cosmetic labels in Illinois and across the country is a competitive area for all of these industries.
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