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Affiliate Marketers Need 3 Things To Survive Online

May 19, 2008
Most marketers seem to think that there is a magic formula to build Internet wealth. Every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. It is more complicated then that, it is good marketing practice that have been proven with dedication and hard work.

There are tactics that continue to work in the affiliate marketing world and have worked before with online marketing. To increase your sales in the affiliate marketing world online and survive you can use these three top marketing tips.

Here are the three tactics?

1. When marketing separate products, use unique web pages to promote them. It is best to have a site focusing on each separate product and nothing else. Do not try to save money on web hosting by lumping all your products together

Include testimonials from customers who have already tried the product and make sure they are willing to allow you to use their name and photos for the specific product that you are marketing. You should always include product reviews on the website so your visitors will have an understanding of what the product can do to those that make a purchase.

You can also include additional pages on your website and include articles highlighting the uses of your product. Your headlines should attract the readers to want to read more, and even contact you. Be sure to highlight your special points. Make the pages compelling and include a call to action on the information. This will help your readers to learn what your product is about and they will want to learn more.

2. Writing a least 2 articles per week, with at least 400-600 words in length. By continuously writing these articles, you can generate as many as 100-targeted visitors to your site a day. Remember that only 1% is likely to buy your product or get your service. If you can drive as much as 1000 targeted visitors to your website per day, then you could make at least 10 sales based on those statistics.

Getting targeted traffic to your product is the most important in marketing. If the person that visits, your site has no interest whatsoever in your offer they will move on and never return. Write articles for publication in e-reports and e-zines. By doing this you will be able to locate, publications that are focusing on your targeted customers and what you offer might just grab their interest.

3. Getting your visitors to opt-in to your newsletter or e-zine, offer something of value to your readers. You can give a free report or a sample of your product or maybe a free trial. When possible position you opt-in forum at the topside of your page so they simply cannot miss it. Create autoresponder messages that will be sent to those who opt-in to your sign up box. Research shows it takes seven customer contacts to take action.

Two things that can happen with your web page closed sale or the prospect leave your page and never returns. By sending useful information into their email inbox, they will be reminded of your product that they had showed interest in. Be sure that your message reminds them of the specific reasons to buy your product. Do not make your emails look like a sales letter.

You need to focus on important points on how your product can make their life easier and more enjoyable. Make sure to include compelling subject lines in your email campaign. Try to avoid using words such as 'free' as much as possible. Spam filters will dump those kinds of words into the junk folder before your reader gets a chance to read it. Make sure to convince those that have opted-in that they will be missing on something if they do not get your product or services.

Use these tips on several affiliate programs. You can create a good source of income that most marketers only dream of. The tactics outlined above are not difficult to do; it just requires a little time and a good action plan on your part. Think of the huge paychecks you could be receiving!
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