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Why Affiliate Marketing Articles Generate Sales, Five Reasons

May 19, 2008
Affiliate marketing articles generate sales and even though this medium has been overlooked until just recently, it is finally beginning to truly take off. Thanks in part to the freelance writers who create top notch content in which entrepreneurs can embed links at will, there are five reasons why affiliate marketing articles generate sales to such an extent as to even astound those who track online sales performance data for a living:

1. An article as opposed to a banner ad or text link enables the entrepreneur to put into about 400 to 500 words a plethora of simple reasons why the purchase of a product, use of a service, or choice of one company over another ensures personal satisfaction to the consumer. Much like the tried and true sales psychology of the 1980s that played on the fact that men sought to be admired while women wanted affirmation, affiliate marketing articles enable creative writers to generate these feelings in their readers and thus make your business stand out head, shoulders, and torso above the rest.

2. Affiliate marketing articles provide your company the unique opportunity to fulfill basic consumer needs, such as the assurance of pleasure and the avoidance of discomfort either physical or fiscal. Tying together your product or company with a promise of gain or an assurance of safety from problems not only persuades potential clients to give your company a second look, but more often than not will spare you from being lumped in with the competition that has not yet caught on to the marketing opportunities offered by this medium.

3. Free is a word that no consumer can resist and if your simple work from home opportunity, affiliate marketing articles reference a freebie of any kind you can be sure that they get read! Offer a free coupon to a good or service from your business or perhaps a free e-book, stickers, or any other goodies that are cheap to manufacture and send out but create a sense of goodwill with your consumer base. The results are amazing and make your product irresistible!

4. Savvy entrepreneurs have used their affiliate marketing articles to fulfill the most basic human need of belonging to something greater than oneself. Thus, many such articles contain free membership offers to clubs or email groups, private chat rooms or action committees. In some cases marketers have chosen to offer exclusive membership to focus groups where for little if any remuneration the consumer would speak out on marketing trends and things that work and do not. This of course is highly profitable for the marketer and fulfills the basic need of belonging the consumer has, making your business the one website she or he will visit time and again.

5. Unlike banner ads or text links, affiliate marketing articles provide the perfect sales vehicle to deliver a deadline based pitch. Spell out over the course of 400 words why missing this once in a decade sale will be the bane of their existence, and before long you find that sales are increasing dramatically!
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