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Informative Content Increases Your Credibility Quotient

May 19, 2008
Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Give web searchers quality content in your articles and they will do the same. You, as an Internet marketer, are not only selling products, you're selling yourself. Your articles are a reflection of you. As such, you must show readers you are someone they can trust.

The intent behind articles as a promotion tool is to establish you as a credible, trustworthy source for useful information. To a reader your article is a resource they use to help them fulfill a want or need in their life. Your content must accomplish the goal of fulfilling their need entirely, or pointing them to other tools that will fulfill their needs.

If someone is looking for a how-to article on laying ceramic tile and your article provides that, you are now a trusted source of information. If your article discusses issues relevant to laying ceramic tile and points the way to resources for more in-depth coverage of the topic, again you are a trusted source. In either instance, you helped a reader on his journey to lay ceramic tile in his own home. Who do you think they will consult the next time they need ceramic tile information? They're going to go where someone credible and knowledgeable is; that is you now.

People are under time-constraints these days. They don't want to spend all their time searching for useful information. The quicker they find information to suit their needs the better. Once they find an expert in a field, they will inquire of that person again. When they know they can get quality, in-depth information in one place, they will utilize that source repeatedly. They no longer have to spend time finding a reliable source. That's why you must view your articles as valuable information products.

Articles that give people useful information are great for building relationships. Think of the newsletters you read, the articles you search for on the web, the sources you go to for information and advice. Do you find you have a handful of information providers that you always check out? Why is that? It's because you know they will give you what you need when it comes to useful information; they've done it in the past and continue to do so. You trust them: which is why you bookmark their sites and make sure they are only a quick click away from you.

That's how you want to make that connection with your readers. You want them to bookmark you after reading one of your articles that links back to your website. You can guarantee they will do that by providing them timely, relevant, needed information on a regular basis. Do this with both quality article content and quality website content. Having quality content in both places establishes you as someone-in-the-know.

When people trust your information they trust you and are open to business or personal dealings with you. You trust a dentist who tells you he needs to perform a root canal because this is causing that and will result in the other. They're giving you information that is factual and informs you of your present dental condition. You wouldn't trust a dentist who says, "A root canal, hmmm, I think I read about that in dental college once, it might work." This dentist is unreliable and obviously not an expert in his field. You will high tail it out of the chair as soon as he starts priming their needle.

With your articles and the information in them, you want your readers to feel comfortable. You want them to know that information you supply them will help them solve a problem, reach a goal, meet a need. You want that article to spur further exploration of you as a businessperson.

With quality article content, people will trust you enough to investigate what else you have to offer them. You want to be "the expert" they trust and tell others about when your area of expertise comes up in a conversation. When you establish trust, you establish credibility, and that is what your business is all about.
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