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Work At Home Business Opportunity Scam

May 19, 2008
You can barely turn on a Tv these days without someone trying to sell you the perfect business idea that is going to make you more cash than you know what to do with, all without you lifting a finger. These infomercials generally feature people with flashing cars, big houses or getting off private jets saying that they were just like you not so long ago, but then they took a chance on a business opportunity, and now they are living the swimming pools and movie stars dream life.

All you have to do to get to live like them is to make a small investment, and then you will get the tools you need to live life beyond your wildest dreams. At least, that is what they all try to tell you. The reality of the situation is often much different. More often than not, these kinds of business opportunities turn out to not come to much at best and can do serious harm financially at worst. That is why business opportunity laws exist. They are in place to help protect you from the scam artists who prey on your desire for a better life and bilk you out of your hard earned money.

Anytime you buy into a franchise style business opportunity, the company has to give you a note of disclosure giving you basic financial information about the business so you have some idea of what you are getting into. Business opportunity laws are different than this. These laws apply to home based businesses and non franchised business opportunities that require people to pay a fee before getting all of the business materials. Business opportunity laws require companies selling these business ideas to provide the buyer with more extensive information than franchise sales require.

These business opportunity laws are state laws, not federal ones, and so the exact details of what the seller must provide to the buyer can vary. In general terms, the company selling the opportunity must provide the seller with information about the parent companys income and information about the financial records of other businesses they have sold. In almost every state business laws requires the business seller to be registered with a state board and be vetted on a period basis. Further, in some states, the business seller must put part of the buyers money in escrow so that they can receive a refund for a set period if the opportunity does not pan out as advertised.

It is worth noting that only 26 states have these business opportunity laws on their books and that there are few federal guidelines that govern these businesses, aside from laws preventing the use of actors as satisfied customers. If your state does not have these laws, you will have to be proactive in protecting yourself if you are thinking of a work at home business opportunity. The internet has plenty of message boards and websites where people report business opportunity scams. Check these out before you hand over your hard earned money for a deal that may be too good to be true.
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