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How Does Profitable Affiliate Business Look Like

May 19, 2008
There are some affiliate business programs, which are extremely popular and profitable among home business owners.

One clear feature is that these programs have operated online for many years and affiliates have learned to trust them. My own opinion is that 5 year experience online is a strong evidence, that the program can offer benefits, which many affiliate marketers are looking for.

On the top of the good image, a successful affiliate business program needs a rewarding compensation plan, which is fair and pays according to the skills and work done by the affiliates. Experienced marketers can easily compare the compensation plans of different programs and will pick the one which offers the best compensation for the work done.

And, this is very important, the affiliate business program must be simple, because nothing complicated works in this business.If the program requires lots of training even from an experienced marketer before he can start to market it, it is most obviously condemded to death.

If I add still one requirement, that is that the program must fit for both the starters and for the experienced online marketers.

1. The Affiliate Business Must Be Easy To Start.

The key is that a new affiliate does not need any earlier affiliate business experience and the training course, email income course, tutoring program, the support forum and the online support assist the starter in the beginning and during the whole process of his home business career.

2. The Compensation Plan.

The compensation plan should always pay according to the skills and the workload, which the affiliate has done. The is the Law Of Fairness. Successful compensation plans have several earning elements: residual income, instant cash bonuses, deep override commissions and chance to earn from company wide commission pool.

3. Small Business Owner Can Do A Real International Business.

It is the first time in the business history, when even small businesses can do international business in over 200 countries thanks to the Net. This offers good business opportunities especially for those, who market special niche products or services.

4.A Small Business Entrepreneur Needs Lots Of Free Marketing Material.

And it must be possible to start the business without own website using the merchants websites, banners, textads and other material, which are already equipped with the ID of the affiliate.

5. The Target Is A Fully Automated Affiliate Business.

And this is totally possible. The effective programs understand that very rare people want to buy during the first site visit. Normally they need from 5 to 7 repetition, before they start to act.

The idea of these repetitions is to build trust contact by contact. The best tool for this is called the autoresponder, which can be programmed to work during a time of several months and to load enough emails into the program.
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