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Great Tips for Directory Advertising

May 19, 2008
You are new to online e-commerce. You have just done up your website. And you have done the final step of listing your website in advertising directories. They are a great way of generating huge amounts of traffic to your website. After all that is what we want am I right?

You have taken great pains to prepare your website. You have done a checklist of things to include such as

1. Look and feel of the website, particularly the homepage.
2. Color theme of the website.
3. Size and location of the company logo.
4. Make sure columns are arranged neatly and systematically.
5. E-commerce features and online payment systems.
6. Selecting your favorite font to be used across the website.
7. Essential pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Profile, Products, Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Site Map, etc.

Your marketing planning also took a lot of your time and research. You have run through critical areas such as:

1. 4 basic rules like Products quality, Place, Pricing and Packaging.
2. Marketing research
3. Marketing budget
4. Advertising budget
5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
6. Logistics
7. Advertising media
8. Online advertising budgets including Malaysian advertising directories
9. Getting professionals to write good advertising copies

Is there anything you have left out? Probably not, but it is good to take a look at how you may still improve on your e-commerce venture.

You have got a product listed at the same price as your competitor. So how is a customer going to decide which company to go with?

You need customers now but you have waited until the last minute to start an advertising campaign. How are you going to get customers at such a late date? One word perks.

Use these perks to help you turn a potential customer into a paying customer.

Free Shipping

People love the convenience of shopping online. But they do not like paying for shipping. Offer your customer free shipping and you'll generate more sales than you'll lose in shipping costs.

Tip, when developing your free shipping special, consider a minimum order amount before the free shipping offer kicks in.


Who says 10 percent does not go a long way? Discounts can help you obtain long-term customers the easy way.


If a customer orders an item you specify or a minimum amount of products services, give them a special gift. The gifts you give do not have to cost too much. They are just a way for you to show your customers your appreciation for their business.


Having different specials every month gives customers a variety of reasons to keep coming back. Give your specials a variety so they can appeal to all customers. For instance, you would not want to offer a free coffeemaker with every dishwasher purchase month after month after month.

No Payments

If you can offer financing or delay someone payments for a period of time, this is an excellent way to get people in your store. Be sure you have the proper financing restrictions and policies in place before offering this option to your customers.

Easy Billing

Splitting your billing into two or more easy payments for your customers gives them more of an incentive to make expensive purchases.


Giving away products drives people to your store with little to no cost to you. You can require customers to have to fill out an entry form for your giveaway in person to get them in your store.


The most basic of advertising opportunities is often the most overlooked. Having a sale requires advertising through outside mediums but if your sale is good, customers will flock to your store with wallets in hand.

So with the above tips your efforts of listing your website in Malaysia advertising directories will prove to be very effective in creating a lot of business opportunities for you company. Directory advertising is one of the most overlooked activities of a business. Listing your business details such as name, address, contact details is crucial in making your business a success. Customers will then be able to find you easily.
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