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A Fly Teaches Network Marketing Success

May 19, 2008
So many people are struggling to find network marketing success? They love the concept of residual income, being their own boss and working on their own time schedule and from the comforts of home. But 95 percent in the network marketing industry fail. Why? Because they have the same vision as a fly.

One day I learned a valuable lesson about network marketing success from a fly. The fly taught me a new way of thinking and I have put to use what I learned that day about being successful in life.

I sat by the window of my hotel room just starting to do a few things for my network marketing business before met my relatives to have a nice dinner. I noticed a fly on the window and watched him as he kept pounding his head against the window to get out. Second after second the fly went bump into the window, but with only straight a head vision; the fly wanted to be flying in the wide-open warm sunshiny space he saw in front of him. After about five minutes of do this he quit and sat silently for a few minutes only to start all over again. Bump, Bump Bump.

If the fly had understood that he was not going to get anywhere by doing what he has already found not to work, maybe he would have realized that not two feet away was a wide open door that would actually lead him to where he wanted to go.

The fly kept doing this for well over an hour when the maid came into the room and went to the window, and with one swat he would not be fling anymore. I almost felt sorry for that fly. He tried so hard to get what he wanted, but had blinders on, and only saw a one-way path.

If the fly would have had the vision to see the larger picture and put some energy into coming up with a different solution, rethinking his plan instead of just what he wanted maybe his life could be different.

Sometimes in life we get brainwashed into thinking that there is only one way to get the end result we are looking for, and that is to keep doing what we are doing and eventually good things will happen. This was not the case for the fly and may not be the case in the network marketing business.

If something is not working, quit doing it and move on. Find a new method or technique for marketing your business and quit being that fly, persistent but going nowhere.

A quote written by Albert Einstein states the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

You might just have to step outside the box to get the riches you want and deserve in the network marketing world. Remember we can not be others, and there is no guarantee that you will have the same results as others doing the same thing. Results will very with each individual and each action. You must know that instead of quitting, look for a different way to produce the results you want. That is one thing the fly did have and that was persistence to get what he wanted, he was just not smart using it.

What I learned from the fly that day is that sometimes it takes change to make things become reality. I get it now; never be slave to one idea, one method, or have a one track mind. Never think that you can be some else, you must be yourself. You may have to step outside your comfort zone, you may have to try new things. You can have network marketing success because your mind is bigger than a fly's.
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Faye is an home based business entrepreneur who helps people reach their goals in their quest for financial and time freedom. Her goal is to coach people to network marketing success and achieving goals.
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