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Site Rubix - Awesome Drag-n-Drop Site Creation - 5 Minutes!

May 19, 2008
Awesome! Wealthy Affiliate's new website designer software knocked my socks off. Now, I could stop here, but then I'd be doing you a disservice by keeping it to myself and not sharing what Site Rubix is all about. Maybe you are aware- or not- that Wealthy Affiliate has been quietly turning out successful graduates of Affiliate Marketing University quite awhile now. There is just so much information, support, and tools that are cutting edge that the space I have in this article doesn't do it justice.

One of the barriers for affiliate marketers on the internet today is website design and creating a professional clean looking website. Designing a professional, clean-looking, and well-organized website can make or break an affiliate marketer when it comes to trying to market products online. Speak to someone who is successful at online marketing or who owns a business and you'll soon find out that you have about two seconds to wow someone who is potentially looking to buy from you and keep them from hitting the back button away from your website. That's just the way it goes when doing business on the internet. Lots of people wanting to make money online just aren't giving it the attention it deserves. If you don't make the right impression- it's make or break.

Your time is best served by focusing your efforts on the most crucial aspect of affiliate marketing. Introducing Site Rubix from the creators of Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Rubix is touted as a truly "all-in-one" tool for those into affiliate marketing to build professionally created websites designed to produce. Experience is not needed whatsoever. No need to be experienced with html, or even have any idea about hand-coding a website. This is a drag and drop solution. You can drag and drop formatting, and pictures all over your template and drop them where you want them instantly.

How much was Photoshop the last time you priced it? I'll bet $500-1000 depending on the package you bought. Did you know how to use it? While a good program, you won't need an expensive program like that in order to design and put together awesomely done websites.

As if I haven't told you enough- what else is Site Rubix capable of? Would you like to be able to duplicate pages or even whole sites with the click of your mouse? You can with Site Rubix.

With Site Rubix you can upload your files right to your site. You'll have the ability to immediately make your websites "Go Live" all without having to have installed FTP programs or other software on your computer

You'll be pleasantly surprised when you checkout just what Site Rubix is capable of. I know of no comparison for true drag-n-drop website design. It won't matter if you are designing landing pages or selling your own website creation services. Site Rubix has your back.
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Stop by for a more complete Site Rubix Review . When you see Site Rubix against other lesser website builders- you'll be convinced!
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