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A Review Of The Ameriplan Income Opportunity

May 19, 2008
Ameriplan Corporation is claiming to be the nations' premier Discount Medical Plan Organization. They say they can save it members hundreds of millions of dollar in supplemental healthcare.

They also claim to be the countries largest discounted fee-for-services program of its type. They also claim to have over 30,000 dental providers, 7,700 Chiropractors, 50,000 or more pharmacies and over 12,000 optical providers.

Twin brothers, Dennis and Daniel Bloom, started this company. They started by working with 2 dentists to create a discount dental plan. They had a wonderful vision and sincere goal to add more benefits to their dental plan. They wanted to add vision, chiropractic and prescription discounts. Today there are over 2 million members in the US and numerous healthcare providers as listed earlier.

This plan started out with great intentions and wanted to really help people with their medical costs. Dennis and Daniel Bloom were very ethical and honest in their goals and their hopes for this company. But everything started to change when the company started their compensation plan.

The way it works is this; a representative of Ameriplan calls you with a great opportunity to save money on your glasses, your expensive prescriptions and dental bills. You think that is great and want to hear more. You are not worried because they aren't selling soap or cosmetics, but they are selling you a service that will benefit you and save you some money in the long run, so you think.

The hit is when the representative tells you about a $2,500 credit card that can be used for your medical expenses that are covered by Ameriplan physicians and contractors. And this card only cost you a small investment of $249. Your card will come in the mail before your card is ever debited. But the truth is, your account will be charged before they even send you the card.

But this is not the real issue here. The real issue is what Ameriplan is telling their representatives. You are told that you should write out a list of 50 to 100 friends and family. Then you hand out your brochures, your cds and DVDs to everyone you come in contact with. You are promised that it will just be a short amount of time before you have more money than you know what to do with. Go buy that brand new car with cash!

This program works like all the other MLM programs. A representative of Ameriplan is given the "opportunity" to make up to $5000 a month. What a great opportunity, right? Well, they have to PAY for their training. They lead you to believe that you will have unlimited leads, and that there are more brokers than there actually are. This seems to be the biggest issue as far as the way these plans work. Reputable physicians and pharmacies do not want to be represented by these types of companies.

Instead, you are stuck with a lot of sales materials, training that you paid money for that has not helped you, and tons of debt. You have one of those "turn-key" web sites that has not made you any money, but generated a lot of fees. This is what Ameriplan is all about.

Ameriplan is not about teaching you or helping you to be successful, it is about Ameriplan becoming successful while you do the work for them. You are their inexpensive, and actually moneymaking advertising. This is why you need to check into this extensively before you ever sign up or agree to anything.
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