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2 Methods To Build Your Opt-In List Fast

Aug 17, 2007
Two of the best ways to build your opt-in list are Classified Ads and Pay Per Click.
With a little bit of effort these strategies can bring 100's of subscribers every single month.

Classified Ads

Placing classified ads, both online and in print, are a great low cost way to reach potential subscribers. There are, of course, tons of places to list free classified ads, but the one or two clickthroughs you will get for the amount of time you will spend placing them just is not worth it.

When composing classified ads, remember that you have limited space to get your message across. You might consider using the same formula as the one for PPC campaigns: an ad title, a few descriptive lines of text, and the URL of your site. For print classifieds, check out your local and regional newspapers. Categorize your ads appropriately. If you have a product about how to work from home, you could probably place it in the Employment section, but if your product is about diets or relationships, you should advertise in another section.

There are also many online venues for placing classifieds, from fixed sites to newsletters. Many newsletters make their profits from placing classified ads. If you can find one relating to your topic with a large subscriber place, it may be worth buying an ad, or even a sequential ad series (once again, repetition of your message is the key to convert prospects into buyers. If the same subscribers see your advertisement for three weeks in a row, more of them will visit your site).

The best way to place classified ads is to seek out e-zines and newsletters that either deal directly with your topic or would be of interest to your target audience. Find out how large their subscriber base is and ask about rates. Comparison shop: look for well-written newsletters or e-zines with low rates and discounts for sequential listings. This will help you make the most of your advertising dollar.

Co-registration lists

Remember when we mentioned prefacing your autoresponder messages with a statement that included "someone else indicated you would be interested in receiving this material". This is where co-registration lists come in.

Signing up for co-registration lists basically enters you into a partnership with other internet marketers who are selling products similar to yours. Each person on the list agrees to request that their subscribers agree to allow their associates to send them product information. Co-registration lists are a cost effective, ultra fast way to build a huge subscriber base, and work faster at bringing results than just about any other method.

The downside to co-registration lists is that they are typically the most expensive method of list building. Still, we are not even talking in hundreds of dollars here. Like PPC campaigns, you pay for subscribers on a per click basis, and only for those subscribers who actually complete your signup process. The average cost per subscriber is around 10 cents. With a quality co-registration list, you can amass a great targeted subscriber base in as little as a week, and start selling your product right away.
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Kurt Naulaerts and Robert Martin make use of streaming video to build their business. Email and internet are very impersonal. Video can give people the confidence to work with you.
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