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A Review Of Network Marketer Ann Sieg

May 19, 2008
The face of MLM business has changed many times over the past decade or so, and no one is more aware of it than Ann Sieg! This is one marketer who has definitely seen that techniques need to change with the times and she has altered her business strategy accordingly. With almost twenty years of MLM experience to offer, Ann Sieg has a great deal to offer many people who are interested in getting their online business off the ground.

The first thing that Ann Sieg relates is that there are many different issues with the way that some people pursue MLM business opportunities. The three foot rule, where you need to extol your product to anyone standing in a three foot radius and the use of a warm list, where you get friends and family to sit through different presentations that you give will not get you customers. In fact, the former technique will get you quite a few odd and irritated looks while the later will ensure that your friends and family grow quite tired of your badgering and pushiness.

Instead of dragging in uninterested people who are close to you, Ann Sieg's technique helps you make contact with people who are not in your social sphere, ones who have not heard about the services that you are offering but would be interested if they did. Ann Sieg's response to older forms of MLM business opportunities is that if your friends and family are interested in your business, they will say so, and no amount of badgering in a public session will convince them otherwise.

Essentially, Ann Sieg's program, known as the Revolutionary Network, revolves around the idea that your customers should be chasing you and not the other way around. She does offer a great deal of experience in a field where people come and go overnight, and on top of that, Ann Sieg's experiences seem to come from all over the industry. She states that she has gone from one or two sign-up ins a five month period to earning a six figure salary.

Many people working with Ann Sieg have claimed they haven't had the results they had hoped for. But then again many have claimed they have. The only way to find out like the old saying goes is dive right in feet first and see if her systems and training will work for you.

With this in mind, Ann Sieg's website does caution you to remember that you are only as good as your product, but that with the right amount of work and dedication, you can ensure that your business performs to its full potential.

A customer base is important at every level of operation and that is what the Ann Sieg networking strategy is designed to get for you. The main appeal of Ann Sieg and her technique is that it is unlike the other offerings in the market; it is low stress, and low pressure and as a result, it has received increasingly positive reviews!
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