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Work at Home in a Recession and Still Create Wealth?

May 19, 2008
Lets take our heads out of the sands and admit that times are tough. Though many people are feeling their wallets shrink, there are a number of people who are less affected by a weak economy. Among them are people who work at home.

Now, not everyone who works from home is going to come out of it wealthy, but there are those who will improve their financial situation.

Right now is actually the perfect time to work at home as it is the current trend. More companies are setting up telecommuting programs for their employees as an effective method to cut overhead expenses. Not only that but, unstable economic conditions encourage people to set up full or part-time home based businesses.

Although there are financial benefits to working at home such the costs saved on buying expensive work xlothes, saving on gas (which is through the roof), and tax benefits, working from home in itself wont get you closer to wealth. You have to be smart about the way you do it.

Many people when they look for a self-employment opportunity approach it with the same attitude and standards as working outside the home. That is they search for linear working relationships. The problem with linear income is there is a limit on what you can earn.

A classic example of a work at home linear income job is, you sell something to one person, get paid and then look for another person to sell to. By doing this you are putting yourself in the same economic trap that you were originally trying to free yourself from.

Very few people can obtain wealth with a linear income especially if you work at home. Even if you do make a lot of money you have to work longer hours, take on extra responsibility and be prepared for financial liability.

Instead of looking for opportunities where you are paid once for a task you do look for work at home opportunities that allow you to build residual or passive income. In other words find opportunities that pay for a task you did.

Smart people, wealthy people, people who are rarely affected by a weak economy look for opportunities that will generate a recurring, long term income, while they sleep, while they are on vacation even when they retire.

These types of work at home jobs do not build themselves overnight. They take some initial effort to set up but require little maintenance after.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income and work at home. When looking for affiliate programs look for those that pay life time commissions. Royalties are also a great way to earn recurring income. If writing is a skill of yours there are many websites that pay royalties for your articles.

The financial situation for many is looking bleak. But you can turn it around if you work at home. Because you are making more money and are saving money, your financial situation will greatly improve. Just remember when you are looking for home based opportunities look for those where you work once and get paid over and over again.
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Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. For more information on affiliate programs please visit his "Top Ranked" Work at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to Earn Money at Home in the 21st century.
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