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6 Best Internet Business Link Locations On My Website

May 19, 2008
I have tried all the possible places, banners and links to be able to find out the best internet business locations. And believe me, the locations have had huge differences as to the results.

The split testing is the only and the best way to find out the locations. However, when I found out the good locations, they are effective only for a certain time.

This is the sign of the fact that my site visitors want novelties also as to the link and banner locations. Everything new interests people.

In this article I go through and share with you my experiences so that your path would be shorter. You will see the locations on my site, when you click the link in the bottom of this article.

1.Think Like Your Visitor Thinks.
Yes, put yourself into the trousers of your internet business site visitor. The process would go approximately like this: you use Google and see my sites title and description on the result page, see it interesting and click it open.

2.The Site Has To Make The First Impression Right Away.
Normally visitors start to look at the page from the upper left corner and looking the upper part first.
It is important that they will see the promise or business idea clearly, i.e. what the site has to offer to them. This must be clear. Visitors will not spend their time investigating the site, if they don`t get an idea about the promise.

3.The Banner Or The Link Can Also Be A Promise.
The targets of both these are to call the visitor into an immediate action, i.e. to offer him a product or a service. If you think the point 2, the best internet business link or banner places are, where the visitor starts the surfing.

Place your best internet business links first, i.e. as a header of the page or among the first words on the left upper part of the page.

4.Every Page Has A Special Place.
Like on my home page, one of the best selling locations is in the box on the left hand side of the page. It is just a natural eye catching location, there is something special.

5.Change Links And Banners Regularly And You Will Increase The Sales.
The sales results are just a psychology, there is no rational thinking. As an ex adman, I know that everything new has a good impact on the results.

But I would never have understood that by just changing the locations of two links between each other, it would increase the results on another level.

6.Put Your AdSense Ads Just Under The Headline.
The best selling form is 336 x 280, with bright blue text and with the same background colour than your page has.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. The Right Locations Sell Like Grazy! Please Visit My Site And Research How I Have Placed The Banners And Links On My Best Internet Business Site. Click The Link.
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