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The Secret You Must Know About Selling Digital Products Online

May 19, 2008
Picking a payment processor is a very serious decision that you will need to work with for ages. It is simply too important a decision to make without knowing the issues involved.

So many methods are frustrating to join, particularly if you are selling digital products. In addition, they ask too much from your customer which means lost sales for you. If your customer is sitting in front of their computer with a desire to buy, you had better not make it awkward for them to purchase or they will be gone forever.

You really want to make everything as easy as possible so it's less work for you and extremely easy for your customer. Today's smart technology can make this happen in ways any merchant could only have dreamed about.

In addition, new technology payment methods dramatically increase sales because they allow you to target the enormous teenage market, who are very familiar with and have easy access to these payment methods.

Some of the obstacles this author found when attempting to get started were:

1. If I wasn't in the US - THAT was a problem
2. I was struggling because I was just getting started online and they expected ME to have a good credit history.
3. When I told potential processors that I wanted to sell intangible goods I kept getting rejected.
4. The overheads for their account or gateway were enormous and ate large chunks out of my profit levels.
5. The setup of the systems - let's not even get into that.

However, it was when I overcame the hurdles, that I discovered they were NOTHING compared to what lay in my customers' path!

They had to be of legal age, have access to credit cards, have a real, physical, verifiable address; produce ID numbers, etc

Well, I had a ringtones site, and if ever there was a way of losing sales this was it.

Then, at the beginning of this year I finally discovered a better way. Technology had been produced and now website owners don't have to tackle these problems.

The answer was simple but search high and low on the internet and they will not come across it - why not?

Well, unfortunately, there is too much money in merchant accounts to be lost if webmasters took up these advances.

I hope to change that by revealing the answer.

It's mobile phone payments - you can get setup within 24 hours, and your clients need only a mobile phone with credit on it.

That's it! - No ID, no address, no credit cards.

There's also nothing for the website owner to set up, no need for their OWN credit history to come into it, no awkward applications to go through, and, best of all, guaranteed payments with no chargebacks nor penalties.

The fees are tremendously cheaper than any other solution I have ever come across and can even be paid by the member.

Just look at the money all the TV idol programmes are raking in - well, now it's our turn.

How about if you could sell ebooks,info products, music, ringtones or any other downloadable items at that rate? Well now you can.
About the Author
This article was provided by Daniel Johnson - a website owner just like you and me who got fed up of trying to get accepted to process payments for ringtone downloads on his site. Years later, as advances in technology finally overcame the problems, he vowed to help merchants, large or small, to find these advances which, in one fell swoop, remove the hurdles he spent years overcoming. Daniel has dedicated his new website Daniel's Web to this purpose.
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