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May 19, 2008
E-commerce is online business transaction mode that's linked to the computer system by the vendors, buyer and the host. Electronic transactions involve ownership rights transfer. If you are an online business owner then you should constantly look out for new avenues to attract the customer to get your online business going. Vast electronic malls are growing online and they seem to come up with new avenues every day, but it's the quality and not quantity that leads the way.

Ecommerce needs

Customers generally have many expectations from a site; therefore if you wish to have more customers then you should make your site a hot favorite by adding some favorite features. Your online venture should also satisfy all the queries of the customers.

Customers should always be notified about

* Payment options- A best ecommerce site should always offer various flexible payment options to suit the customer's requirements. These options should include debit card payments, credit card payments, and online payment options with high security and e-check payments and so on. The more options your site provides, the more the customers will visit the site.

* Trafficking- Best ecommerce sites should be highly customer friendly so that it's easy to operate. Don't try to concentrate on latest techniques that can puzzle the customers. Millions are joining online business, so make your site more easy and comfortable for the customers or you might lose on your clients.

* Uploading time- Best ecommerce site should consume less uploading time. Many sites usually take a long time to load pictures, especially the old computers or software tools. If the customer spends long time to upload then he may switch over to the next site that reduces his or her loading time as compared to your site.

* Non frames/Frames- make your site more functional and easy to click so that customers can chose the item in a fraction of second. Customers are quite busy and they don't have time to keep clicking and trying different options. So try and make your site more quick and simple to use.

* Payment processing- In a good ecommerce site the payments should be processes quickly by the payment gateway. It's extremely tedious and annoying when a customer is made to wait to get the payment message or to know about his or her key financial status.

Full ecommerce solutions are quite good these days and really easy to setup. Additionally they perform as well or better than static pages with buy buttons. With Content Management Systems such as those available from Kennedy Christopher Freville CMS Solutions you can't go wrong and some are flexible like virtual stores. A closing comment - a good specialized looking shopping cart has nothing much to do with the answer itself - all can be 100% customized for perfect feel and market demand.

Any business flourishes due to customer support, therefore if you want your customers to visit you again and again then make your online site more users friendly. Best ecommerce site should always offer first and foremost customer satisfaction.
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