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The Amazon Kindle: Why It Is A Good Buy

May 19, 2008
The Amazon Kindle is a neat little gadget that was recently released, and has been garnering a lot of attention from bibliophiles and gadget addicts all around the world. While there are some obvious reasons for why the Amazon Kindle is a neat little toy, there are a myriad of other factors that make the Kindle well worth the purchase that most people have not actively addressed. Are you thinking about buying the Kindle wireless reader for yourself, or someone else in your life? If you are not yet sure whether or not the Kindle will make an excellent gift for yourself or someone else, keep reading.

1. The Kindle may seem like an expensive gift for yourself, but in the long run you are actually going to observe significant savings by using it because downloading books in electronic format for the Kindle is much more cost effective than purchasing paperback editions.

2. Rather than driving all the way to a bookstore or library to get the book you want, or waiting for a week for it to be delivered, you can download eBooks from Amazon in less than a minute after purchasing them.

3. Purchasing and using a Kindle for your reading is a lot more eco-friendly than purchasing paper books, which means by using a Kindle you are helping the environment while getting your reading fix.

4. The Kindle is excellent if you travel a lot, take public transportation, or otherwise have a lot of downtime to spend reading. Rather than carry around a number of heavy books, fussing with newspapers, or looking desperately for worthwhile reading material, you can simply bring your Kindle along for the ride.

5. The Amazon Kindle doesn't only deliver books, but it also delivers news so your Kindle can help you keep in touch.

6. The Kindle wireless reader does not require fees to allow you to browse the internet.

7. The rechargeable battery that the Kindle comes equipped with can last you for several days, and you can still continue to use the Kindle even while it is in charging mode.

8. The Kindle also allows you to move plain text files and mp3 files onto your device so that you can listen to music while you are reading on it.

9. The Amazon Kindle wireless reader is light weight and extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. It works using page turning from right to left, rather than forcing you to scroll up and down.

10. If you know someone who claims to have everything, the Kindle is an excellent gift. And if they already have one, you can always purchase some electronic reading material for them.

The price on the Amazon Kindle may be a little steep, but if you are an avid reader or simply need a portable device to pass the time on public transportation or between classes, the Kindle is definitely well worth the investment. It is a great little gadget that can come with you everywhere, so no matter where you are at, you always have excellent reading material at your fingertips.
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