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May 19, 2008
Paid surveys are a huge work at home opportunity today. There is a wide variety of companies and web sites available for you take online surveys and make money. You should set down and write down your personal information. This is just like filling out a resume. You need to embellish some to make yourself look appealing to the online marketing companies.

These companies will try and match you up with market research they are providing manufacturing companies. Mentioning things like sports, football, and others in your profile might get you several outdoor sport related surveys. You need to make your profile as extensive and detailed as you can. This will get you surveys that others will not get, because they did not provide enough information.

Do not think about your information being out there. You are taking surveys for money. Of course your information is going to be out there. If you are worried about that, then paid surveys are not for you.

Here is a freebie for you. Some of the companies offering paid surveys. Each has a different set of criteria and pay scale. Research them to find the one that works for you. This is information you will have to pay for on other sites. Here:

- Global Test Market: This site has been around for a while and pays well for surveys. It is free to join. You earn market points for taking surveys and then cash in these market points for cash. You can earn from 20 to several hundred market points depending on how intense the market survey. At the time of this writing 20 market points was equal to one dollar. There is a profile section to fill out. The more detail you provide the more opportunities will become available to you.

- Esearch: This is reportedly one of the highest paying survey sites on the web. They do not send out mass surveys though. Expect to get fewer surveys from them than other companies. Read the payment method for a survey before you participate. Not all of the surveys pay cash. Some incentives are prizes and drawings etc. They use Paypal exclusively to pay the cash incentive. You must obtain a paypal account to use their service.

- American Consumer Opinion: This online market research company sends out several surveys every month. There are no minimum amounts of surveys you must take in order to cash out. This makes it attractive. Members are entered in monthly cash drawing each month. Not all of the surveys will pay in cash. Check them out before you take them. The fact there are no minimums and the monthly cash prize make ACO a very attractive work from home company.

You should check these companies out for yourself. Never take anyone's word for anything on the Internet. Do NOT take anything for granted. It is up to you to protect yourself. Having said that, you will find that there are some real opportunities for you to make money from home on the Internet. These are just a few of hundreds of different opportunities. If you can imagine it, then there is probably a market for it on the Internet.

Be confident, you can do it. The Internet allows you to do things you would not normally do. It offers anonymity. Yes, you give your personal information, but they cannot see you. It is easy to do things you may not normally do. You can take a survey about lingerie even though you would never do it in person.

The Internet opens a whole new world of opportunities for you to work at home. Search for that term and see how many millions of hits you get. It is all up to you. You can earn as much, or as little as you want to. You can work when you want to. There is no one to tell you what to wear and how to act. That is the beauty about working from home.
You have just been given three real work at home companies. See, seek and you will find!

Good luck in your work at home endeavors.
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