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3 Advantages Of Hiring A Va To Submit Your Articles

May 20, 2008
Writing articles is important for any business. When you write articles and submit them, you become an expert in your field. When you become an expert, people begin to trust you. When you have that trust people will buy your products or use your services.

When you write your article, it needs to be full of valuable content, you need to add a bio at the end, and it needs to be at least 500 words in length. There are thousands of topics that you can write about.

Giving tips, advantages, disadvantages, and how to articles are great and usually easy to write about. Start out with a list of topics that interest you and that will make it easier to write. You can check article directories for ideas as well. If you have trouble writing, you can always have a ghostwriter write articles for you. When you use a ghostwriter, you pay them for the article, and then you gain full rights to the article including the ability to submit it to the article directories.

Another reason to submit articles is to get free advertising. We all know that advertising is the only way we can people to our site. When people go to your site they will look at what you have to offer and that leads to purchases.

Submitting your articles can be overwhelming. In this article you will see the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to submit your articles. These are 3 advantages that will help you get through submitting your articles.

1. Focusing your time

Article submissions can be very time consuming if you don't know what you are doing or you are new to article submissions. When you hire a VA to do your article submissions you will be able to focus your time on other things that will help you grow your business.

2. Sites and more

When you hire a VA to do your article submissions you won't have to look for sites. You won't have to look at each site to make sure it has a category that meets the requirements of your articles. You won't have to create accounts and make notes of the web address, the login, and password.

Using a VA will help you greatly. A VA will have a list of article directories. She will be familiar with the information needed. She will also be able to get it done quickly.

3. Time

When you use a VA to submit your articles, you will save time. You gain time because you are not spending time finding article directories, signing up for them, and submitting articles. You are also not spending time creating a spreadsheet that contains the link, your login, and password so you can submit to them again later. When you save time you can increase the time spent on your business, write more articles, or spend with your family.

As you can see, hiring a VA can help you become successful with your article submissions and more.
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Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant and Advertising business. She also has a free advertising tips newsletter that she creates to help others. Check out her website at www.VirtualFreedom4You.com.
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