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Your Golden Goose Goes to Work

May 20, 2008
Who is our target market? Most people marketing "make money" products are going after the wrong crowd.

Do we market to "opportunity seekers"? Absolutely not!

This is so critical to understand right now. Opportunity seekers are people who have filled out a generic "make money from home" or "work at home" ad.

These people most likely have never owned a home business in the past and certainly do not know the specifics of our industry.

When you work with these types of leads and traffic, you are setting yourself up for a whole lot of frustration.

The majority of these people won't even be looking for a "business" or to invest any capital to get started in something. They are just looking for JOBS from home.

You could market "work from home directories" to these people but most of these are just deceptive ploys to get them to start a business and do not offer any real value. It makes more sense to market to entrepreneurs who are serious about really making a living from home.

The average person searching for "make money from home" information probably doesnt even know what the terms "affiliate" "IM" or "M.L.M" mean in the context of what we do. They are not educated marketers.

Why on earth would we want to pay money to contact this type of traffic? But that is exactly what many of our home biz programs are telling us to do.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars marketing to opportunity seekers and the results were poor at best. Yes, I was making sales but rarely did I turn a profit.

What really skyrocketed my income was when I began marketing to OTHER home biz marketers! After several months of marketing to generic opportunity seeker traffic, I became fed up, sick and tired and started searching for a better way. I finally discovered the very principals I am sharing with you in this course and it forever changed my results.

So, with all this in mind, here is exactly who we want to be marketing to.... OTHER EXPERIENCED Home Biz MARKETERS. Yes, people who are already in our industry, people who are already educated and have been through the trenches already. Successful or not, at least they understand the basics!

This is direct marketing 101. Market to product buyers not opp seekers. There is no better prospect for your business than another home biz marketer. I'll take 10 good home biz marketer leads over 300 opportunity seeker leads any day.

Hear is the best part... There are hundreds of home biz programs and networks out there with frustrated marketers looking for good advice on how to achieve success. They are being crammed with bad advice and they know it by their lack of results. We provide these same people with quality, timeless, PROVEN marketing strategies and they will come running.

Now we must attract these marketers in a "certain" way. This word "certain" is so critical as you go through this course.You may have 6 parts of a 7 piece puzzle done the right way but if that last piece is mis-shaped then you will never have a complete puzzle.

It is the same here. Our job is to "attract" other home biz marketers. Here's how.

#1... Capture them into your email database - (control)

#2... Provide them with valuable affiliate marketing information (rapport/credibility)

#3... Subtly show them your"front-end" product (funded proposal)

The next step, that I am going to share with you now has to do with the specifics of how you manage your email database.

See, once you have captured someone's email address, it is so important that you treat them with the utmost care.

These leads are literally your "golden goose" and you want them to live a very long and healthy life.

To do this, you must care for them. Never overfeed. I believe in contacting your database every two to 3 days, no more than this. Unless you have an e-course or multi series how to guide to offer up front, that is ok. After that initial period shoot for about 2 to 3 times a week...

And when we contact them, we do it with the intent of providing an extreme amount of VALUE. Never ever, send out blatant ads for different home biz programs.

Your duty is to provide an environment where the leads will grow to know you and trust you over time. When these leads joined your list, they did it with the intention of learning how to better market their own affiliate programs. So, the timing for them may not be right to jump into something new right away.

But, if you treat them with care and provide extreme value that will help them with whatever they are marketing. You will win them over so that when the time is right for them to join something new or buy a product ... they will choose to buy with you.

This relationship you develop with your list is your "Golden Goose." Do it right and it'll give you gold week after week after week!
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Debbie Penner, a seasoned marketer has been using a paid proposition lead capture system with great success. If you'd like to take a look at this proven, predictable method for building your own lifetime of residual income, and even try it out at no cost,Click Here
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