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Breaking Into The Home Based Internet Marketing Business

May 20, 2008
How easy is it to run a successful home based internet marketing business? What's the start up cost? What's the monthly cost? How fast will the money come?

By the end of this article, you'll know the answers to all four of these questions. You'll have a better idea of what it's like marketing online.

Most professionals I know (and myself) sell information. Both digitally and physically. Things like ebooks, mp3s, and downloadable videos. But you can sell services, physical non-information goods, and anything else you can think of, by using similar tactics.

Your skills you must develop are two fold: marketing and advertising. One can't thrive without the other. You have to learn to be a great promoter as well as a great salesman. Doesn't mean you have to sell face-to-face though! You need to be able to sell in print at the very least.

What do I mean by promoting? The skills needed to drive traffic to your website whether through pay-per-click, articles, blogging, videos, mp3s, classified ads, press releases, search engine optimization, joint ventures, list building, and more.

What do I mean by being a salesman? You must learn the proven tactics being used now to sell, the art of persuasion, how to open and close, how to attack the tender part of your prospect's heart, formatting and style, and other things.

Marketing and advertising. Think about that. Get good at 1) promoting your business, 2) selling products. Everything else stems from the two. Some think of it as "traffic and conversion." While "marketing and advertising" leaves room for the rest of the game to fit.

So is it easy to run a successful home based internet marketing business? No. There's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved. However, some catch on sooner than others. I know people who've been doing it for years and still can't make a decent part time living. Then again, I know someone personally who in less than a year started making $15,000+ a month just sitting in his house.

If you're cut out for the stuff, then you'll excel fast. If you're not, then it's going to take longer to get good. I wasn't so much a natural. It took me over a year to start getting my feet wet. I think a lot had to do with my personality, immaturity, and perception of how the world works. Anyway...

What are the start-up costs? You need a URL, web hosting, and an auto-responder. You can get it all for less than $200. You'll have to renew all three when close to expiration. Don't think you can get into this business without an auto-responder. E-mail marketing is the key to long-term success. An auto-responder service like AWEBER is only around $20 per month. It'll seem like pocket change once you see how much money you'll make with it (well, no guarantees).

How fast will the money come? Once you study, get good, and apply it, the money will start pouring in. Get enthusiastic! Go ahead and start making your mistakes so you can learn from them!
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