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The Advantages Of Targeted Traffic

May 20, 2008
Let's face it, traffic is the life blood of any business. Without it, the business or website is useless and a waste of time and effort. Yet many webmasters do not know how to get the kind of traffic they need to really prosper. As a result, many spend great deals of money on first one kind of advertising then another. After awhile they get frustrated by the lack of results and give up.

These webmasters follow a simple (if misguided) idea that if they throw enough traffic at a particular website something will stick and they will make a sale. While this idea can be true, it is an expensive way to promote. More than likely, it will end in failure.

There are two basic types of traffic to be had online. Targeted traffic and untargeted traffic. Targeted traffic is what all webmasters crave it is harder to get and retain but more profitable. Untargeted traffic is considered by many as a waste as it doesn't really get the webmaster who uses it any real sales. Certainly not enough to make any real profits.

Just think, if a webmaster is buying untargeted traffic, he may, in fact, get it. But most of this traffic will be from people who are not really interested in the products but are being paid to simply visit the site. The webmaster may see a few sales, but the odds are against it. These people will move on to other sites and likely never return.

On the other hand, if you are getting visits from people who are honestly interested in your product or service, then your chances for sales go up considerably.

How To Find Quality Traffic

The statement above begs the question, where do webmasters find that kind of traffic? The answers may surprise you.

THe biggest source of traffic to date is the search engines. In fact, some of the best means of generating targeted traffic also have the added benefit of influencing the search engine rankings. One good example of this is in the form of article marketing.

For each original content article that is put out becomes a front page for the website is represents. Strategically assigning relavent keywords to those articles can help get the articles ranked in the search engines, which can benefit the site. The articles need to be of good quality to capture the reader's interest enough for them to visit the site. Ironically, the articles will often show up in any given search before the site they represent do.

Reciprocal linking, or link trading, is another means of building quality traffic while benefiting the search engine rankings as well. The benefits to this type of traffic building come in two primary forms. The first form is through the links themselves. The website with the lower page rank benefit from the traffic overflow. The other, higher ranked, website benefits as well but to a lesser degree.

Both websites benefit to one degree or another from the links themselves as they are measured in the search engines to determine importance and ranking.

Finally, one excellent way to gain targeted traffic is to write a report and give it away. You can use nearly any media but free reports are a good low cost starter. This is one form of viral marketing. It is considered to be the best marketing technique that any webmaster can use. The quality traffic generated is the most profitable.

It is important to keep in mind that targeted traffic is sometimes harder to get. It also takes longer to get it started as opposed to e-mail marketing and the like. But the advantages of targeted traffic are far superior than untargeted traffic.
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