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Introducing Progressive Email Marketing, Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It Now. Part 2

May 20, 2008
If your customer is a new opt-in you might not want to scare them off with more sales emails after they have just bought. So are their alternatives?

One valid option is to create a separate mailing list after a few weeks on a new topic and present the one-time offer there; this is where progressive email marketing becomes dynamic. Your new customers will be more receptive to your OTO at that time because you will have already become someone they are familiar with. In this way they can choose if they are interested by either signing up for or ignoring any offers you make inviting them to join a list on another subject.

Its a fine line and one that you will only get right by trying both methods, do you offer them another product in the form of an OTO whilst they are in the middle of, or have just completed the buying process?

Or do you build a second mailing list by asking buyers if they would like information on a new topic, then introducing your OTO this way?

The main problem here is how to offer them a second product (at a discount) while they are still in the process of buying the first?

How to motivate them to buy not scare them away at the same time?

Do not worry or panic for even a second having options opens your horizons, progressive email marketing is about constant improvement and refinement, take a look at your available options:

Special Price Offers:

Offering your main product at a special price sounds easy and like a sure winner for your wallet, but think carefully about it before you do it.

Here's what happens if they go for it:

People come to your sales page
Buy your product
You email them with your OTO
They buy it at a discount

What's wrong with that? Well your customers had received your follow-up emails, they probably would have purchased the product at the regular price anyway (because of course all your products are factored into and added to your follow-up message list)

You just discounted and one-time offered yourself out of a chunk of your profits, not progressive email marketing, some patience is required.

Don't give away the ranch before you have to is something to keep in mind. If they have already bought your product and then they buy your second product at a discounted OTO who is to say they would not have buy it anyway, and at FULL PRICE?

The answer is to split your list into 2 identical ones, and offer one the OTO and one the second product at full price later in the follow-up messages sequence.

Of course the argument THEN would be that the OTO gets them to buy while they are hot in the middle of a purchase.

The idea is keeping a record of how you are doing things, this way you will optimise your profits.

Standard Price Upsell Offers:

If you have an upsell on your main product, you could offer the upsell at the normal price only for the one-time offer. Tell people that if they decide to buy later, the upsell will still be available, but at a higher price. Again you need to stay honest and make sure that happens. This covers you against the OTO being available later. I like this method because it is honest and up front, it is the most progressive email marketing tactic, because you make profits and build a list as people have more confidence in you, the power in the list is keeping people subscribed only honesty can do that.

Tell them how much they will save by buying now, show them the actual dollar value they will save.

Time-Limited Or Quantity-Limited Bonus Offers:

This approach is on websites and in email offers all over the Web. Telling your customer to Buy Now and get this bonus, or Buy Later and you wont get the bonus, this is an incentive that works. Don not forget to remind them that the bonus is not available anywhere else, if that is true.

Remember progressive email marketing is honesty with innovation, always try to give them more, under promise over deliver, you will enjoy what you do a lot more. On the internet you can not look anyone in the eye that is why people are cautious, especially where money is involved and many have been scammed so many times before be honest, label yourself as different, as a brand, word of mouth will spread and your list will grow like wildfire.
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