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11 Words To Greatness: One Question That Will Turn Your Business Around

May 20, 2008
"Time is the fundamental currency. All other aspects of scarcity and abundance find their basis in our experience and relationship with time."

Michael Gilbert

There are many common characteristics of top achievers in the real estate sales business; the most notable of which is time management. Top achievers in every business understand and respect the value of time. Cliche number two: we all have the same amount of time it's what you do with your time that's important. Correct again. So how do top producer's in the real estate industry decide to allocate their time and more importantly how do they use their time?

The answer to that question can be found in another question! Here's the most important question every top achiever asks themselves (consciously or unconsciously) all day...every day, "Is what I am doing right now an income producing activity?" That's it...11 words to greatness. For real estate sales professionals they are no words more powerful than those...Is what I am doing right now an income producing activity?

Although there have been many new age theories about time, money and success, there is one enduring truth that always has been and always will be regarding fulfilling one's potential. Here it is:

Discipline = Freedom

Many people view discipline as a "negative word," or something that is too restrictive. Yet think of this for a moment. The more disciplined you are with money...the more money you have. The more disciplined you are with your nutrition program...the healthier you are. And so it is with time...the more conscious and productive you are with time...the more disciplined you are with how you use time, the more time freedom you have.

So here are the "big rocks" that should be scheduled in your calendar every day/week:

* Prospecting/Lead Generation (top producers allocate a minimum of 10 hours per week to this activity).
* Listing appointments.
* Price reduction calls to existing clients.
* Negotiating contracts (some flexibility is necessary here).
* Lead follow up.
* If you are a buyer specialist showing property is obviously a priority (so long as you have properly pre-qualified your prospective client).
* Recruiting new agents (if you are in management).

Every other activity should be scheduled AROUND the key activities that are the most important income producing activities. There are no more important activities than those listed above.

So at several points in the course of your day, ask yourself "Is what I am doing right now an income producing activity?" If you answer "yes" 80% of the time, you are well on your way to being a top producer. If you answer "yes" less than 60% of the time you may require some significant changes to accomplish your sales objectives.
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