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Making Your Newsletter Profitable

May 20, 2008
One of the things that you here more often than almost anything else as far as Internet marketing is concerned is that the money is in the list. Although this is true most of the time, it may also not be true, depending on how you treat the list that you have. Of course, you're never going to find out which way it will be for you unless you get to building your list immediately. Even with a small list, you can begin testing some sales copy and getting your feet wet in e-mail marketing. You would be surprised at how responsive the list can be if you treat them in the right way.

The first thing that you are going to need to do in order to be profitable with an e-mail list is to build a list in the first place. You may feel that this is going back a little bit too far but you would be surprised with a number of individuals who are interested in e-mail marketing that have not even begun to build a list. Unless you take this first step, you are going to go nowhere with your marketing efforts. Put up a webpage with a subscribe form and a compelling offer that will get people to sign up. Drive traffic to that webpage that will be interested in the offer and begin building the list today.

Once a person subscribes to your list they should not have to wait to receive any contact from you. This is why it is good to employ an autoresponder service, such as aweber. An autoresponder will automatically contact these individuals as soon as they sign up with an introductory letter and perhaps a little bit of information about what you have to offer. Although this is the perfect way to introduce yourself and your product to your new subscriber, be careful not to overdo it. You would be surprised with the number of individuals who have been scared off as a result of aggressive marketing, right out of the gate.

Once the person gets done with your autoresponder series, it will be time for them to begin receiving regular e-mails from you. Make sure that your e-mails are regular so that these individuals were get used to getting them at a certain time. Of course, you will be able to send out newsletters anytime that you like but send out a standard e-mail on a regular basis so that they don't forget who you are and click the spam or delete button when they see your message.

It may take a little bit of time but it is well worth the effort once you see your profits start to rise. Treat your list properly and they will take good care of you. You will then understand the truthfulness of the saying, there is money in the list. In fact, there is good money to be made with this form of marketing.
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