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Custom Logo Golf Balls, What Are They And Why Would You Buy Them?

May 20, 2008
Ever heard of custom logo golf balls? No? Not a golfer? Custom logo golf balls are big business now. So what are they?

It's perfectly possible to print a logo, or a slogan or a short phrase or even a photo right there on a golf ball. It looks great. There are a range of companies offering services on the net which allow the ordinary person or company to order custom logo golf balls.

But why would you want to?

Several reasons. Firstly logoed golf balls make a fine gift for a golfer. Let's say you've got a gift to buy for someone who loves his or her golf. They have a golf bag. They have a set of clubs. They have a buggy. And even if they didn't you couldn't seriously consider buying any of those anyway.

You could buy some covers for his or her woods, but that's been done before. But why not buy them some custom logo golf balls?

Print both sides of the ball. Perhaps a photo of them on one side and a short slogan or phrase on the other side. You can print both. Maybe a special message from you, or perhaps just their own name.

It's a quite unique golfing gift, and noone is ever going to mistake their golf ball again.

And there's lots more reasons. A custom logoed golf ball is a fine promotional tool. Lots of corporations use them. Perhaps to give away at trade shows. Or perhaps at a company golf day, or a give away at a seminar, or lots of other places where the company wants to promote it's image. And every time the recipient tees up on the course, there's your company logo looking up at them. Great for branding.

Or perhaps a bunch of logo golf balls for the high school golf team. Print up a few dozen, give them away to the people who hand out the sponsorships and you'll increase your chances when the next sponsorship deal is coming up. It's high school branding done well, and isn't that expensive.

If you buy some of the cheaper golf balls you can get the ball logoed and supplied for not a lot more than $2 a ball. It's budget promotion if you select some of the cheaper balls like the Callaway or Nike golf balls.

Or if you want to give out the best to the top people select perhaps a Titleist logo golf ball using the Titleist Pro V1. More expensive, but a high quality golf ball that people who play well will want to use.

That's why custom logo golf balls are big business now. A great gift idea, and a fine, but cost effective promotional tool. So next time you're looking for either, consider a custom logo golf ball, it works very well indeed. Whether you're an individual looking for a great golfing gift idea, or a corporation looking to improve it's marketing and branding, or just someone who loves the idea of having their own golf balls with their photo on them, a logoed golf ball does the job.
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