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Common Mistakes Made In Business

May 20, 2008
Anyone considering starting a business needs to understand the common mistakes which lead to business failures. Ask yourself just the difficult question of how you are going to manage your business.

Revenue for your business does not mean that it is successful. There are many other factors to consider when managing your business that also play a part. Those other factors can also make or break your business.

Some of the more common mistakes which businesses make include.

Not striving for constant improvements.

The thing about business is that if you're not leading the pack you could be considered obsolete and that is not where success lies. If you want to drive sales for your products and services you need to be on the cutting edge with your offerings. Constantly push the envelope to keep a steady flow of new customers along with satisfied ongoing clientele.

Bad service can lead to bankruptcy

If your customers feel they are not appreciated and receiving sub-standard service, you will be helping your competitors to achieve success. Why? Because if customers that feel they are receiving poor service will be quick converts to your competitors. It is the leading cause of declines in sales and business failures.

Marketing mistakes

If your target market does not know you exist, you can't be successful in business. For a marketing campaign to be effective you need a clear message that is both understood and favorably received by your target market. Without effective and clear advertising if will be very difficult for your business to generate the customer support needed to survive.

Pricing yourself out of business

Too many businesses think that if they raise their prices they will achieve more profits. Unless your business monopolizes the market with a product which is a staple for life you may be mistaken. The fact is that most purchases are driven by pricing factors. If your competitors have similar products available for less your business may be in trouble. The key to pricing is achieving a price that your customers find value in.

Lack of investor capital

Many investors that are new to business start ups make a very common mistake when planning for expenses. They will add up the costs of getting the business going which might include inventory, equipment and set up. They will neglect the most crucial element which is businesses do not achieve positive cash flow immediately after setting up shop. Start ups will commonly operate with a negative cash flow for a period of time while they are building their business and cultivating a clientele. As an absolute minimum you should have three times the cost of getting your business set up to start your working capital. That is money that will keep your business rolling until you can build a positive cash flow.

As an example if the cost of setting up your business is expected to be $10k for equipment, location, inventory and misc expenses you should have another $30k set aside for working capital.

No working capital is the primary cause of bankruptcy in business.
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