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Article Marketing - Getting A Surge Of Ideas On To Write About

May 20, 2008
Article Marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic to a website. However, the most difficult part is coming up with a topic for an article on a regular basis. That's where most people stop and don't get things done. Whether you're writing the articles yourself or hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you, you must know what topics you're going to write about. Here's how you can overcome the "writer's block".

The secret is to read information on various sources and keep a note of any ideas you have for writing an article. There are thousands of resources on the internet which you can read on your niche.

To find existing content, you can visit several ezine directories which are well respected. EzineArticles and GoArticles for instance have quality articles which you can read on. Technorati is also an excellent resource for getting ideas and learning about your niche. It has the latest updates of blogs which you can search for within your market.

Read through many of the article titles and choose the ones you like. Then think of the titles for your own articles and write them down using the notepad program in Windows.

If you spend an hour or two doing this exercise, you'll have over 50 topics to write about by looking through the article title and the ideas you have written for each title.

As well as looking through these free resources, you can also get ideas elsewhere which tell you they are "in-demand" and that people want to know more about. Writing about what people want to know about is the smartest thing you can do.

1. Amazon.com

Go to Amazon.com and to the Books section. Search for your keywords and you will see a list of books that are ranked in order of popularity. Read the descriptions of the books and find out why they're popular. People buy the books for a reason. Concentrate on writing articles for topics that are "hot".

2. Clickbank.com

Go to Clickbank and visit the MarketPlace section. http://www.clickbank.com/marketplace Go to the category which your niche is related to and look at the top products which are selling well. Again, these are products which are "in-demand" and people are interested in the information. Go to the sales page of these products and get ideas from them. Look at the bullet points and the features/benefits of their products and write about each one of them.

3. Forums.

Go to forums which are related to your niche and look for threads which have lots of recent replies to them. Find out and see if the post is about a certain topic in your niche which the community wants to know more about.

Using this system, you'll never have a shortage of what to write about. If there's something new with your niche that you don't know about then read up on it and write an article in your own words on the new thing which you've learnt.

Now go through the list you've written on your notepad one by one and start writing your articles.

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Download your free 50 page ebook 'Article Marketing Strategies' on how to use article marketing to drive traffic to your website at http://www.trafficbeast.com/ebook Alan Cheng is the owner of Traffic Beast, the blog that delivers valuable internet marketing information.
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