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How to Gain Real Control in Internet Marketing

May 20, 2008
If your anything like I was, you are probably blaming yourself for the lack of results in your business. It's time to find out who is REALLY to blame.

Unfortunately the people we are supposed to trust the most are the same people that are giving us stone age information on how to effectively market our businesses.

All of the top home business programs today are teaching their marketers to go out and promote the company replicated website or direct affiliate link. This is great for the company because they are now building their own mailing list immediately and
all at your expense.

Stop Wasting Your Money! Go to google and type in the name of any popular company or product that was recently launched with an income program and you will see ad after ad linked directly to the same exact website. What reason does a visitor have to buy from YOU?

It's time to GAIN CONTROL, start differentiating yourself in the marketplace and establish yourself as an expert... these 3 components are what will allow you to truly begin earning a full time home biz income. You'll Be Growing Your Business Online 24/7, the RIGHT Way!

Take a moment and think about who you most respect in the home biz community. What are they doing that is different? Here it is. They lead with THEMSELVES and pose as experts. They brand THEMSELVES and THEN make recommendations of home biz products they can earn commissions on.

You can do this just as well. You simply need to begin posing as an expert, brand yourself and make good recommendations and provide valuable content to your growing database of subscribers.

This is the incredible power of the internet. When you do this CORRECTLY you will be able to grow and nurture
an ever expanding network of home biz marketers who know and trust you and will be willing to buy just about anything you recommend.

The very first step is to Take Control of your business.This is critical and so simple to do but it's probably the number one thing people are doing wrong when marketing their primary opportunity.

NEVER EVER market your replicated website or direct company link given to you by the company as your first line of assault. People are blowing hundreds and thousands of dollars away every month by making this critical mistake. Why would anyone buy from you if all they see is that you have a website just like everyone else?

I made this mistake myself several times and lost money before I realized my mistake.
Think about it like this. Let's say you buy an ad in an online newsletter and direct people to your home biz program's replicated website.

Now, the ad does VERY well and you make several sales but what you don't know is how many people were captured into the mailing list on the replicated site. You may have just added 100 new top quality subscribers to SOMEONE elses maling list. You have some cash from the sales but subtract your cost for the ad and you may have only turned a small profit or just broke even.

This is how the majority of home biz marketers are marketing online and it's just plain stupid. Think about it. Who is really benefiting here? These marketers are missing out on the long term potential of the traffic and leads. You hear it all the time... "The money is in the list"... It is! But unfortunately the majority of home biz newbies just disregard this.

Capture Your Own Leads FIRST. You are limiting your income to the amount of sales you can close in a single push. Start capturing your own leads and you can push offers and valuable content FOREVER.

Now imagine if you had a system in place that allowed you to generate hundreds of leads a day, you made money automatically and people chased YOU down? Sound like a fairy tale? It's not! Just a few small tweaks to what you are already doing and your income is going to soar.

Step one is to GAIN FULL CONTROL of your marketing process.Never run an ad online without capturing your own leads into your own lead list so you can contact these prospects any time you wish with any offer or information you desire!

"I am the CEO of my own million dollar online marketing business" - start working from this paradigm today! Take control of your own destiny by controlling the marketing process right from the beginning.
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Debbie Penner, a seasoned marketer has been using a paid proposition lead capture system with great success. If you'd like to take a look at this proven, predictable method for building your own lifetime of residual income, and even try it out at no cost, Click Here
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