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What Is The Best Team Building Event?

May 20, 2008
This varies enormously and depends on what you are trying to achieve, the demographics of your group and what budget you are playing with. We hosted a poll in the office and there were two events that came out top in s favourite summer team building events.

In first place is our School Sports Day a firm favourite and one that everyone loves! This gets your team out of the office, into the fresh air and having bucket loads of fun team building at its covert best! British Airways wanted to have a team building event which had lots of energy, healthy competition and was lots of fun and so they chose a School Sports Day the results were tremendous!

It was a really good way of getting people mixing with others that they may have not spoken to before and those people have taken their new found bonds back into the work place. A very close second place is the motorised and shooting days guys and girls alike love these days. Zoom around a course on a grass based hovercraft and then throw axes at targets amongst many different activities. Teams compete for funny money and it never ceases to amaze the team just how far people will go to be on the winning team!

There are many ways to wake your delegates up and energise the day! We normally find that conference organisers want the graveyard hour which is the hour after lunch, livened up. Delegates are far more likely to settle down in their chairs after a tasty lunch and slowly start to drift off in to their own world while struggling to stay awake we've all done it and the smart conference organiser wants to prevent it from happening at their conference!

Wake your delegates up with a powerful and moving drumming session or host your very own company fortunes to see how well your message is getting across. We hosted a drumming session for Argos, 150 delegates were taught different signature rhythms and then the drum master layered each of the signature rhythms one on top of the other, to promote the idea of the individual parts making one company sound. The result was one of the most powerful energizers they had ever experienced and the conference is now referred to as the drumming conference. We have got many conference energisers for you to choose from, we can ensure that your teams wake up, pay attention and regain initial enthusiasm we definitely will bring life back into your day! Click here for more conference energisers

Do you believe in your country? Do you think England have got what it takes? Perhaps you should be looking a little closer to home and spot the talent within your team. With world cup fever sweeping across the nation and England still in with what people are calling their best chance since 1966, we have a few ideas of how you can indulge your team with some world cup activities! Human Table Football is brilliant and it makes a huge impact!

Your pitch is a giant inflatable arena and your team are the players secured to the poles as you bounce about attempting to score vital goals. The goalies are secured to bungee rope, which gives them that extra chance to save the goals! So, who will you be Beckham, Rooney or even Lampard? We've also got some fantastic penalty shoot outs, table football and how about England team style Tequila Girls and Guys to help with the celebrations after?
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Shaun Parker is an expert on Indoor Team Building and many other team building events due to his specialised job in the industry. Find out more about Team Building at the accolade website.
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