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3 Factors to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Career

May 20, 2008
Being an affiliate marketer is not an easy task if you do not know the exact things to do in order to be successful in this business. This is especially true if you are a newbie to this business.

I was once a newbie and had spent a lot of time and money learning this business through trial and error. The worst thing about this business is that we are often loading with excess information that tells us that we can be rich or become a millionaire overnight simply by reading the techniques taught in the e-books or in the audio program. All these stuff tends to give us a false impression that internet marketing is a business that can make you big buck without any effort and it is these impression that eventually leads to the failure of internet newbie as they finds that it is not that easy at all to be an affiliate marketer.

Therefore, anyone who are serious about being an affiliate marketer must first understand these 3 factors

1) Power of Focus: You must be focus in whatever you are doing in order to absorb the teaching from other successful marketers. When I first started, I am also thinking that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme and I often did not pay much attention to the e-books or audio program by other successful marketers as I am not interested in their preaching and i am only interested in making money the quick way.

This is why I did not make a single sale for the first three month of my affiliate marketing career. At that point of time, I stepped back and asked myself what has gone wrong? It is only when I decided to really learn about this business and since then i started to become more focus in what I am doing and able to absorb what other successful marketers are teaching.

Once i become focus, i started to make a few sales in the next month and the number of sales started to increase every single month and I knew that I have cracked the code to this business. Therefore you must not underestimate the power of focus in this business.

2) Develop a Correct Mindset: You must develop a mindset telling you that affiliate marketing is a real business and not any get rich quick scheme. The faster you understand this, the faster you become successful. Having a correct mindset can greatly determine whether you will be a successful affiliate or a failure affiliate. So spend some time to educate yourself in this business and develop a correct mindset.

3) Power of A List: The reason why my sales keep on increasing is because I understand the power of a list. Before I actually treat this as a real business, I often overlook the statement that most successful marketers say "Your Money Is In Your List". It is when I began to understand the power of focus and develop a correct mindset about this business; I finally understand the meaning of that statement. Affiliate marketing does not have any secrets, the only thing that can make you successful is through having your own list and this is number one thing you must do when you start this business. Do not waste money and time placing ads and send visitors to other people list.
About the Author
The author is a full time internet marketer after quitting his day job as a Professional engineer in a multinational company.

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