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Finding Successful Team Building Activities

May 20, 2008
Can you imagine it - telling your team that you are going to be going around the world for the next team building event or away day? Would you like to take your teams to exotic and foreign locations but just don't have the time or the budget? Sound impossible? Well we can take your teams around the world in just three hours with our 'The Great Adventure event! In this fantastic event we take your teams on a voyage of discovery as they race their way around the world without leaving the city of London!

We give each team their very own world guide to complete. The guide is compiled of three sections, in each section is a selection of countries that your teams have to locate and visit within London. When they have reached the location of the country, they have to perform a number of tasks to prove that they really did make their visit.

They may have to take a holiday snap showing them in the destination, they may have to bring back a specific holiday souvenir or they may have to answer questions about the destination. Whatever the task it will be a test of their resourcefulness, creativity and team work. We can start and finish the Great Adventure anywhere in London. Ideally youll utilize a venue that is in the West End which is nice and central for the activity but even if you are in the city or other London areas this event will work fantastically!

We all know that in the UK employees are known for working some of the longest hours in Europe. As the work place becomes a second home, it's important to remember the people that your employees leave behind everyday - the family! Not everyone can afford to cut down hours or give up work to spend more time with the family but family strains can effect your employees performance enormously. So what should you do? Reward the unsung heroes of your business - those that don't actually work for you!

If you gather everyone together and give them a cracking day out, make them feel valued then you will be breaking down possible resentments. Giving 'the company' and 'the boss' a human face and being able to interact with your teams loved ones will make them more flexible with business demands in the future. As this is all about recognizing and rewarding its important that the day reflects it. your summer fun day must be high impacting, high quality and a totally inclusive, exhilarating event that all the family can enjoy.

Corporate events organisers will work with you from your initial phone call to the successful hosting of your event. They can find the perfect venue, organise catering, marquees, entertainment and even organise the clearing up at the end of the day - all you have to do is enjoy yourself!
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Shaun Parker has been at the forefront of the team building activities and events for years.
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