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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Business Joint Ventures

May 20, 2008
A joint venture is nothing more than a business enterprise in which 2 or more companies combine forces multiplying their efforts.

Business joint ventures are the most powerful technique you can use to grow your business, hands down.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should be doing business joint ventures:

1. Maximizes Leverage -

What better way to build your business then with the power of leverage? Let your joint venture partner do what he does best and you concentrate on what you do best. This focused action will create a synergy between the both of you multiplying your efforts like you would not believe.

2. It's Free & Simple to Do -

Unless your using a joint venture broker, it is absolutely free to contact other marketers and ask them to joint venture with you. Here is a HUGE gem I'm going to share with you for free that has landed me more joint venture partners then I can count and exploded my online MLM business.

Do a simple Google search and find a website relevant with what you have to offer. If it looks like a good match then call up the owner of that site and hit them with your joint venture offer.

How do you find their number so you can actually call them? There is a website out there called Whois.com where you can find the name, email address, mailing address and phone number of anybody with a website. This is so powerful, this technique alone can triple your business in no time.

3. Builds Relationships With Other Businesses -

Success Is all about relationship building. The more relationships you establish, the more connections with other business owners you'll have. Doing business joint ventures are the perfect place to start building relationships with other businesses.

4. One successful JV Can Be All You Need -

This is a true story. I have a friend and business partner, his name is Jared Defazzio and he landed a joint venture with a very well known online marketer. In his first month this well known online marketer made over $80,000 & being Jared recruited him into his business off the joint venture, Jared continues to get paid month after month for the rest of his life.

Jared is still to this day making 5 figures a month off of the efforts of this joint venture alone. Jared built his entire empire off of the art of joint ventures, he started with nothing including NO advertising budget.

5. Win Win Situation For Everybody -

Everyone is trying to make more money right? Of course and by doing a joint venture it is truly a win win for not just you but for everyone involved.

Here is a real life example. Let's say you have a responsive list of 20,000 subscribers. And let's say your potential joint venture partner has an amazing product which would perfectly compliment your list and he offers you 50% commission for every sale generated. Duh, all you have to do is endorse the product to your list and your going to make a nice payday.

You win because you make money with very little or no effort and your partner wins because all he did was tap into your list and split the profits so he had very little or no work to do either. You see how joint ventures are a total no brainer?

There is no wrong way in doing business joint ventures. Just be creative, have fun with it and go find some partners.
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